My next topic on the abyss

Considering I have various grimoires and have recorded a lot over my time doing rituals and gnostic attainment there’s things that I think should be openly discussed and some UPG that I’m willing to share.

Specifically my next post is going to be about the Beast, or possibly the Dragon, Babalon - the scarlet woman or harlot, Choronzon and their inherent relationship in the Great Work.

The Numerologies discussed will be of the following:
666-The Solar Number, The Number of “Man”/Number of the Beast, Preserver of Chaos
777-The number of the entire Sitra Achra (nightside) - and the number of Babalon
333-Choronzon/Shugal/Dashket/Chaos manifested, the abyss,Creator of Chaos
999-The blood of the beast, the trinity, the Completed Chaos.

Whoever will be interested, please stay tuned as I think this form of alchemy is something that can further be utilised by the greater luciferian current

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