My new Magickal tool

This is my latest magick tool to represent the Fire Element, I call it the Satan sickle. Again another item born from items of synchronicity. I found the blade at a flea market, it was old and rusty so I took a wire brush and brought it down to bare steel again, then the handle I carved myself from walnut wood I found sanded and shaped it then clear coated it to give it a high gloss shine. In it I placed all gems associated with the fire element such as 2 Amber, 1 diamond, 2 Ruby, 1 sardonix, and about 5 different shaped garnet on the botom adorned with pure 24k gold. I finished it on Friday the 13th. Shortly after I had completed it one of the most amazing lightening storms took place. I went through the full range of fire emotions throughout its construction strangely enough. I’m quite pleased with its power. There’s another lightening storm happening now and it seems whenever I pick it up something happens. It’s not fully completed as I’m waiting for a carnelian tetrahedron to place pointing out the bottom of the handle, I ran across it on eBay as well as a full set of platonic solids each corresponding to its respective element and made from stones corresponding to said elements. There is a total of 7 solids to correspond to the 7 Chakrah. My next project will be the leviathan bowl made from solid sterling silver and the behemoth plate made from a large polished slab of black brown marble. Should be fun making those as well.



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Looks fuckin dope man awesome work


Thanks, a lot of my altar items I have made myself.

Absolutely stunning, love the gem inlays.

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