My new Belial Altar

As a part of my pact here is the alter in which I have dedicated to Belial. Thank you for all that which you have done for me so far.


I hope you don’t mind me fixing the spelling of your title, my friend.

Your altar looks wicked awesome!


Hahaha i fricken had a debate about that spelling with someone the other day!!! I knew it. No thanks because you just justified my side :joy::joy::joy:

Great altar! Did Belial ask you to make an altar for him or you offered to do it as part of my pact? I’m beginning to work with him, I live in such small place if he asks me for an altar I won’t be able to do it.


I typically dont do anything like this for any entity. But Belial has truly earned this from me. Hes come through over and over and over. I just feels like the right thing to do


Omg can I like that 5 times!?!?! I have been wanting to get a skull like that for a while now. Where did you get it? Please share!! Lol! I would have to hid it though. I can just see peoples faces when they see THAT on the wall!! I am picturing them running to their cars screaming and crossing themselves! Lol!


Lmao. Yes. The company is called the bone room

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I have gotten quite a few things from them… gasp!! I was looking at that!!! I got ribs instead! Damn!! Well. I’m glad he got a good home!! Soo jelly right now!!! (not really!)


Can definitely feel his presence. Good job!


Belial says he likes it, but he says it needs more cum, no idea what he means :laughing:


That’s lovely.


Thank you.

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I have not placed a spirit into an object yet. I know how but any suggestions

when you do not have a lot of money if you build an altar for Belial what do you need?

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What you should be saying is if belial gets me money i will give him altar. Make then earn your respect as well

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Belial likes people that are not servants but powerful. Work with him and that will be enough. Once he has granted your desires, money included, then go ahead and make an altar if you desire

where are you buying your Belial sigil on red velvet?

I can attest to the fact that Belial prefers backbone over knee-bending. In other words, talk to him like he’s your equal, don’t wallow at his feet. Great looking altar my friend!