My Name is Bela

Hello all you beautiful souls… My name is bella! I’ve been practicing chaos magic for 7 years and communicating with the spirit world for basicly all of my life.

My favorite arts are automatic writing and astral travel.

3 years ago I made a pact with Bael, and he asked me to drink from his cup… I did and my life changed and I feel asnif I have become a better magician. I totally love Bael, he can be crazy at times though. Lol

I recentally contacted lucifur… I was so frightened but he is so nice and he did somthing very wonderful for me and I never even asked him… I love him so much as well…

I hope to share my experiences and read some other people’s as well…

Love and light <3


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.


Thank you for having me!


Welcome, but im sorry, you mean Lucifer?

Welcome to our corner of the internet.

Sry, better at spells than spelling

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lol its fine i was just confused :slight_smile:

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum and learn much.

Welcome :blush: