My name change, emotionally heavy

I used to be known as Siconyte here on BALG.

The name came from a spirit that resided within me since my teen years.

I found out later in life that he started as a parasite that was designed to create negative emotions and drive me to suicide, but this didn’t happen.

We entered into a type of partnership. He gets a meager, but steady food supply, i get a heavy boost to my psychism.

Eventually, this being and I became symbiotic, and a perfect possession was achieved. He was a constant companion, my partner in crime, he became like a brother almost.

After i took a foray in to the light, it was revealed that he was no longer necessary, and, in fact was a detriment to my ascent.

We talked for a few days, and he told me “I am simply not good for you anymore, you don’t need me.”

I called the 4 main Archangels, and he was taken away, but he perished as a result.

It was like losing a family member, even though it has been months, i am still emotionally healing.

I recently had an encounter with Lord Set, who stripped me of the name Siconyte, and gave me a new name.

“The coming storm of Set.”

I’ve kept the sigil of Siconyte as a remembrance, and the name upon my arm shall remain, but i am a different person, and the name change reflects it.

This post has a double meaning. This is my official goodbye to Siconyte.

Thank you, brother, for everything.
Wherever you are, whatever you are, I will never forget you, and everything we have been through, and everything you did for me.

Rest easy, man, I got the rest of it.


Sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose someone so close. Sounds like you have some pretty awesome guides though.

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Thank you for sharing, hugs.

I too have a brother similar to this and I know one day I will have to release him. I’m sorry for your loss, but I hope you continue to achieve great things because of your experience with him.