My most recent communication with Duke Sallos

A little over 2 weeks ago I redid a tasking ritual for Duke Sallos to get my ex back…so far I haven’t seen any results but about 20 minutes ago from when I’m writing this his energy appeared to me while I was watching the newest episode of Black Lightning, & I chanted his enn 108 times…I felt my energy connect with his very strongly as it does when I chant his enn, but I felt more connected than usual. I was able to receive actual answers from him through sensations…& Let me tell you that it was an amazing experience…I asked him if I had offended him by asking Lord Lucifer to assist him in the spell since I felt that I may have overburdened Duke Sallos, & may not have taken certian things into account…He had said yes & I sincerely apologised to him, & continued to ask him questions…he told me I should not redo the ritual, & that my results ARE coming. He comforted me, & reassured me my results are on their way. I apologized to him once more for offending him & for being impatient…I said my greed may have turned into impatience & I was sorry from the bottom of my heart. He forgave me, & reassured me that my results are coming to me & that the spell had worked. I told him I would talk about this experience & remade my offerings to him which he has also accepted. When I get her back I will drink whiskey straight out of the bottle for him, & drip blood onto his paper sigil & burn it for him to absorb. He is with me right now as I write this & I feel the acceptance of this reward/acknowledgment. He is an amazing spirit & he has allowed me to also call him my friend. I STRONGLY recommend that if you’re unsure of working with Duke Sallos, that you do so. He is an amazing being to work with. I’m so thankful I opened up my life to him!! Thank you so much again Duke Sallos!!


Edification Hint: If you’re not stealing from your employer, you are robbing yourself.

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