My mistake regarding deities:

So we all know that all Spirits have multiple aspects. However when working with a Spirit, it is more beneficial to work with the specific aspect you are looking for and not put them all together. I recall hearing about this on VK Jehannum’s video and a member by the name of Micah mentioned it and made me think (so thank you Micah🌹).

I’ve interacted with and invoked Astaroth since last year. She primarily appeared to me as Astarte (as this was the aspect I was calling), sometimes as Ishtar and on two occasions as her male Astaroth form. She has never been angry at me for working with her this way, but I do feel it was unnecessary and set us both back in this relationship.

Overall I could have approached all three from a different perspective. As if they are separate yet the same (which they are). This way one gets to know the different aspects of the entity better and as a result can work with said aspect to better achieve a goal. They all also have their owm unique story.

So my advice is approach every deity as if they are separate. You can learn more this way and it prevents confusion. I also feel it’s more respectful to the entity.

Now I’ve got a lot to relearn :sweat_smile: so please save yourselves from this mistake.