My "Mind Blast" Theory of defense/offense

I’d like to start out by saying I’m not exactly advanced here, but I’ve read and contemplated a fair amount, so I am as much asking for advice as I am offering it.
That being said, it seems that a common problem people have is psychic spying and being pestered in general by someone more advanced than they are. So this is just my compilation on what I’ve read thus far and my thoughts on the subject.

While calling on the appropriate entity for the situation is the most recommended, a lot of people are simply not comfortable or confident enough with the idea yet. Besides that, it’s always good for self confidence to be able to do these things for yourself, so here goes ameture suggestion.

If you believe someone is attacking you, influencing dreams and thoughts and can legit sense their presence in your head, don’t believe they are stronger than you are, just don’t. At the end of the day it is your mind not theirs and despite what anyone may lead you to believe, you are in control there, even if you yourself don’t think you are that strong, start to.
Firstly go into meditation and put up a ward (really easy to find posts on this using the search bar) this will make defending your mind so much easier but is not the be all and end all.
Barriers, much easier to explain than wards, picture a dome around you, focus upon it until you can turn it solid, pull it in to coat your body and put up another around you. Again make it solid and strong, imagine mortars exploding upon it without leaving a dent (just an example). Turn it black to help not be viewed and inscribe the inside with whatever you feel helps make it stronger.

Finally I come to my own conclusion/idea, when your opponent is truly focusing on you, picture them as something weak, if you know what they look like, shrink them and make yourself big, make you a giant demon and they a defenseless bunny, something of that nature. Imagine them as something you do not fear, something you can easily crush, the point is to visualize them as something defeatable, whether you know what they look like or not.
With all that in mind, consider that they are looking at you through a window, just a sheet of glass. Focus your strength into your eyes, see whatever effigy you have of them on the other side of it and will a blast from each of your eyes to penetrate the glass and hit theres, shattering the window into your mind and leaving them seeing only black, the black of their own closed eyes.

I hope this helps! It all seems pretty sound to me but if anyone more experienced can see ways to improve or any flaws then that’s great too :slight_smile:


I think this is a good way to do things.

This kind of mental trick is useful in that it can help to kind of step out of your own limited idea of what you are and what you are capable of. I think I read something by Tony Robbins that says something to the effect that if you can’t imagine yourself doing something then create a fantasy context where you can do it. Keep playing with these ideas.


“When do fairy tales stop being fantasy? When people start believing in them” It’s not fantasy when you actually see results lol

It is a very good post. There would be no way to point out it’s flaws however because if it works for you, then there would be none :slight_smile:

Everything you said makes perfect sense. Mortals unfortunately don’t see each other on equal footing. The labels we ascribe to one other in and of themselves could give one power over another.

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Thank you! I don’t mean to revive this coz clearly not much interest but I wanted to reply, plus it really is a recurring topic and these seem to be the basics.

Associating yourself strongly with a sigil/phrase/number is key, you need a relationship, an attatchment, something that empowers and/or embodies you.
It doesn’t matter if you have the symbol of the mighty Ares to help in your wars, or a scribbled smiley face to help you be more sociable if you don’t truly believe in either. It’s the relationship, the belief that matters, without that, there is no strength. So picking your own sigil can be a double edged sword as others can use it against you, where as picking a known sigil you at least know the entity related to it is there. Regardless, the importance is still placed upon the belief in that sigil, the relationship to it and ones self.