My meditations

I think I was doing some energy work or etc you know meditation poze and imagining energy going in some way into you etc, but when I was doing it I got some chills all aroud me when starting the meditation and they started to occur even when not meditating maybe less when a week ago and I was meditating like yesterday and when I was breathing and doing the technique I was feeling like I’m seriously breathing something into my lungs felt weird untill I felt something fall or bump into my sofa I haven’t heard it I was with my earphones but I felt it really good later I wanted to experiment tried taking energy into me threw my skin, I started feeling all those chills in those place I was imagining all that energy and when I started obsoebing it, it felt like thousands of small needles was piercing my skin and something again getting into me. So yeah any ideas was I doing everything right?? Or maybe some things shouldnt have occurred?? Thanks for your answers and I apologise for my bad writing skills.