My lost eye colour Silver

I want to tell you something about me I experienced and I want to ask you together with this if you know more… I will write about “Providences”.

In 2016 I received the name Lukianov and in 2017 I was told to own this name. In 2017 and maybe early 2018 I had visions. I saw myself maybe a million years ago writing a book. I had silver eyes total black hair and really white skin. My best friend was Mitrabrahim. I know him from this life, too. The book I wrote should contain all my human lifes. Mitrabrahim got his silver eyes a short time ago through me. I don’t know what I did for him. While I was writing my book he came into the writing chamber in sorrow of me because I was heavily drunken.
We talked a long time then others came in.
The vision was long but I don’t want to tell you everything.

The thing I learned was that plenty of spirits became humans and left providences, so to say “copies” of themselves. One I saw in the chamber with Mitrabrahim and me was Apep/Apophis. In 2017 or 2018 I had short contact with him.
I had two wifes: Hagi and Lilu.
Both became human. Lilu went to school with me. I never met Hagi.

I had visions about the Purgatory.
In one night I suddenly saw two women going into the sea naked. One smiled at me. I stood beside the Purgatory with silver eyes, black short hair and silver armor with black cape and sword.
I saw Mitrabrahim at the Purgatory with silver eyes again. His blue eyecolour changed to silver.
I hope this are things which will happen.

Now I want to know if you know any entity with silver eyes. As I received it and understood I was the first one with silver eyes.

In the writing chamber I want to add was Iblis/Set. I received he became human too and what you can call with the sigil of Set I posted in another thread is his providence. I am not sure anymore if this is correct but this is how I learned it. One thing but makes me sure again. In 2017 when I was told my name is Lukianov my own providence was in my home looking mostly like me but with darker blue eyes. I don’t know if the name for my providence is correct but I called him Aiwaz (like Crowley’s Aiwaz of the Liber al vel Legis). Until today when I have rare contact with him he answers to the name Aiwaz.

Do you know entities with silver eyes? Most entities don’t answer me today. Aiwaz told me other names of him: Thoth and Hermes.

What do you think about my story?
Will I become the Angel Lukianof again?

By the way: I registered here writing myself Lukianov because when I received the name I could not imagine it being written in another way but some months ago Orienell told me he would write me Lukianof.

I think of the Purgatory, the fiery sea, that’s the place where I can become a silver-eyed Angel again. I want to learn to astral travel for reaching the Purgatory but I have no success what’s the reason for thinking about comitting suicide to travel into the sea. Once I had an astral journey shortly in my flat but I was like remote controlled. It happened while I was sleeping one night in 2018. Wasn’t there an introduction in the Book of Azazel from Dante Abiel about a fiery sea?

@Teras390 Told me about my Godform I had silver eyes, too.