My living room's been randomly lighting up around 3am

So I just moved in a few months ago. I leave my bedroom door open so my kitties can come in and out as they please. first time it happened it was like my living room brighten up for a second and it was blue. second time was not long ago I saw blue light blinking for a bit than switched to really bright white light, after like 10 seconds everything darkend back to normal. at first I thought I forgot to shut my tv off than i remembered i didnt even turn on my TV. I was like holy shit. it was so bright almost like a light in my living room was on. but I was too afraid to go in there to check. Last night it happened again but it was only really bright white light. My living room just lit up for like 10 seconds again around 3am.

Now keep in mind I have very good sunblock curtains. even during the day with my blinds closed my apartment is dark as hell. and i live on the 27th floor so it couldn’t be cars or anything like that.

What do you think it could be?


It’s definitely a spirit what kind is the question I felt it’s safe to assume it’s friendly because it doesn’t care your noticing it and I personally believe if what was doing it was somthing to fear you would have been paralysed in fear during that time,

My old roommate and his girl both seen a spirit through the window and both of them became paralysed in fear trying to scream but couldn’t I was disappointed I told them it went to the wrong window I would have offered for it to come Inside.

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Yeah i I wasn’t paralyzed and my kitties were acting normal as well. pulled some cards and the empress showed up twice. I think it could be my mom :-/ trying to figure out what she’s trying to tell me now

Hahaha thats pretty funny tho.
I didnt wanna go check cuz i thought what if i got abducted by aliens :see_no_evil:

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Lol aliens I don’t think they would give a sign there there without just taking you.

Umm sorta fel bad saying they might be able to help cause yea don’t wanna put it on them but @Maxwell mightt be able to tell you who it is or what there purpose is, he as pretty darn good intuition.

I haven’t had it that bright but at night when I’m all alone I’ll see small little lights and then they fade away like the size o a candle flame but the light doesn’t spread out as much.

Nice name btw that’s my grandpa’s middle name.

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So the light could be from an alternate plain of exzistance and the girl is being broke one time when I was Ina state like that Ina hotel room everything was darker and when I turned on the light it wouldn’t get brighter in the room very thing was just hazey worked out good for me I spent time with my succubus and ended up seeing her in a completely clear image for the first and only time, but she was entirely blue and appeared in human form no tail or horns.


tll me if you want my two cents and ill give it

yes pleaseeeee

IT cant be anything but a spirit but it’s almost like it’s… very elusive. I cant feel it well. IT might get angry at me but fuck it.

I wouldn’t say alien, obviously, but it feels like some kind of poltergiest? I feel inclined to say that. I dont know why. Unlock your intuitive abilities for a second, just get it stimulated, and then do a ritualistic reading of it’s intentions. Pull one card an d a clarifying card. Know what it is, and react accordingly.

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Do you feel any kind of dark energy from the place?

i pulled cards asking what is was on december 30th and these were the cards

then I asked again today and there were the cards

I don’t know. I thought it was my mom tho? could it be my mom?

umm no id say my place has a good vibe cuz i put on happy upbeat music all the time so i don’t really feel anything dark. but i did feel scared when it happened because it’s unusual.

Poltergiest is the word I was drawn to use. I wouldn’t assume anything about mother, and I would honestly just drop mind and act on intuition. I’m not there, after all.


I would also recommend this. If it’s still around, just focus on your feelings and feel if there’s anything dark or unsettling about what you feel.

The issue is, the question is rather vague so the cards answers will be rather vague and uncertain as well. Plus, without a solid structure to the reading, it makes things even more vague.

Although, looking at those cards, I strongly get the impression it’s a ghost of some kind, who faced a rather unsettling end. A poltergeist, like @Maxwell intuited.

just do the intuition thing and put everything else aside.

I’ve never dealt with anything like this :(( what should I do now if its a random ghost. it wants my attention for some reason.

you do what you feel like doing, that’s intuition baby. Dont gotta rely on memory

I was thinking about this and if it’s a ghost, I’d rather not suggest banishing it forcefully, it may not fully understand the situation it’s in. I’d rather recommend working with a deity like Odin/ Óðinn who is associated with death and ask them to peacefully take the ghost to a safe afterlife.

what i dont understand is this building was built 1 year ago and no one has ever lived in my apartment. How did a spirit end up here?

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