My Lilith Journal2

Plz disregard my initial journal. I was timed out and wasn’t able to make needed edits. To make my task easier at making this journal, since I’d posted individual topics on my experience with Lilith, I’ll copy paste those to get everyone caught up before I continue with the journal.

Hey everyone, if you’ve followed my Lucifer journal, u should be aware Lucifer told me to get a hold of Lilith. After some hesitation, I did. I evoked her last night, and did the arachnid pathworking after I saw her arachnid seal, and it looked exactly like something I saw last night in her sigil.

I usually talk about being able to see my entities in their sigils. Took a few interesting pics on how Lilith’s sigil looks like when it’s open. Just FYI, as Arachnid Lilith, I won’t harm u. She’d like for me to encourage anyone that wants to work with her to go ahead and do so. Enjoy the pics. Hope u can see what I see. #LucifersChild :metal:

I’m arachnid Lilith now. I think that’s y i was even able to screenshot the images on my sigil on my phone during the evocation. She wants people to feel free to evoke her when they feel ready to do so. I was afraid u guys may not see what i see. Glad u all did.

#Lucifer’sChild #ArachnidLilith. :metal:

A few hrs post the pathworking, I’m feeling tired. I got nauseated at a point during the pathworking. My breathing got heavy as if the air was so thick but I made it to the end.

Initially I was in a dark room that had a dim light probably from a candle that was lit in the room. I found myself sitted in a circle as an alter, and that’s where the challenge began. I had to get from that area and find my way out.

There was a huge spider that blocked my way, but somehow (that I don’t remember), I got past it and kept folllwing the trail heading for the light I saw on top of the ceiling. I found myself in a tree and my new task was to find a way out of it I think by following the spider. I did, and when I was out of the tree, I found myself in a labyrinth.

There, the next task was to get out of it. I felt like I was dizzy from all the turns, but finally made it almost out when 2 giants if I should call them so grabbed me as if to prevent my goal to reach a black ocean/sea/just a huge water mass that had an island in the middle of it. For some reason, at this point, I told myself I was a snake and became just that, a huge slippery snake. The 2 giants found it hard to continue to hold me and I made my way out of the labyrinth to the water with the goal of reaching the island.

In the water, a huge giant came after me to prevent me from reaching my destination. I quickly realized all that was happening was read to me b4 in previous scans on BALG. 1 scan said I’d have a sword and fight those that attacked me. I all of a sudden after thinking of that, had a sword that I pulled out and killed my attackers. I then swam to the island whose grass was green and well taken care of. There was a huge white chair there that kinda looked like maybe a tulilp petal. There, a lady turned around and told me I’d made it through the arachnid pathworking, and I too was now arachnid Lilith. This finally made sense. When I was working with Lucifer, if you read my Lucifer journal, I once told him I was jealous of Lilith cuz the 2 of them always seemed to be making out when I evoked him. He then asked me, “why are u jealous when she’s u?”

After all this, I’m trying to figure out what Lucifer previously meant when he said Lilith has a lot to teach me. I’ve now embarked on studying her as much as I can and evoking her with questions. My 1st question was, will u hurt me? U know based off of the many stories about her, she’s one of those demons u don’t want to mess with. She can be a good ally to have, or ur worst nightmare.

Hail Lilith, Hail Lucifer, Hail King Belial.
#Lucifer’sChild :metal:


Lilith has now come to me twice at night. The night after my 1st evocation of her, and last night. She seems to be active so far between 2-330am.

The 1st time she came to me, this is what happen: I woke up at 3.31am. Dreamed about a few things. The dream however seemed like a personal warning. Someone was backing a car up, and ran into the front of my car damaging my front bumper. I then heard, "do not park ur car in the side street. If i do, have to make sure I’m infront of all cars. No parallel parking either as I could get dinged in this position. .2nd, I haven’t paid my rent yet. I came home to find myself evicted that I need to take care of that.
Both seem like warnings about things that can happen if I’m not careful. I asked around with people that work with her and it turns out she’ll look out for u too if she works with u.


TMW u work with Lilith and were able to get pics of her in ur sigil during an evocation and when u’re in ur bed under the covers cuz u’re reading a book on her on ur phone @ around 2.30am, u notice her misty spirit looking at what u’re reading and telling u to keep reading on her. Then u see in the pics u took all the things u didn’t see during the day that looked like some demons wanted to come out of the sigil. I work with her, but that freaked me out just a little bit b4 I reminded myself she wasn’t going to hurt me. :metal:
#Lucifer’sChild #ArachnidLilith


Why did you make two “Lilith Journals?” Duplicate threads are against rules.

If u read the beginning of my Lilith2, ud have read me explain what went wrong. Got hold of lady eva to delete the 1st one.

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Ah. gotcha. I understand :slight_smile:

Yup. Smarty pants (In spongebob square pants voice) :joy:

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Yep, I only choose the pants with the highest IQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, now that u know and ended up on here, read the thread. Feel free to add comments/ask questions :metal:

6/17/18:- 1st Lilith evocation during a new moon

I haven’t posted here in a bit, but here goes. I’ve evoked Lilith several times with success, but today, I want to try this during a crescent moon. Will keep u posted. :metal: