My Life unfolding since BALG

When I first came to BALG forum I was old hat at the occult but I had barely scratched the surface. Since I arrived and began becoming a part of this community the synchronicity in my life has increased ten fold. I was then surprised by strange events and visits from distant family I had not seen since childhood. One distant relative opened me up to a whole new world of understanding. He gave me a new way of looking at the universe and furthered my understanding.
Something makes me believe that the energy of the creature that is BALG emminates pure magick and power and injects it into the life of the Magician who joins the BALG family.
I remember starting out on my path of Thoth and being well into it but I was stagnant for several years. Finding BALG brought me out of that stagnation and the energy opened my universe up to all new possibilities. My work with Thoth was being brought to completion through BALG and it involved a countless number of BALG family that helped to bring me into my state of full permanent Possession with Thoth/murcury current. Over the course of this time I have, Thanks to EA and everyone at BALG I have come to my self actualization and have never been more fulfilled in my life and existence.
I hope whoever you are and whatever path you have been on you find the knowledge you need to make that next step. Balg is a lighthouse to the weary on their conquest of knowledge and much much more. I want to thank EA Koetting, Nate Bales, Timothy, Ms. Mason and everyone who makes Balg what it is, and all the various magicians putting their heads together to solve the mystery of the universe.
If it was not for Balg I would not have come into full connection with Thoth/Murcury current. I was lead to BALG to be the next phase in my advancement into ascention. Amazing growth is possible here if you are willing to put in the work. Cheers!


Since I’ve joined BALG I’ve had some gods and some demons getting interested in me and trying to talk to me so I’ve always told myself that spirits must read this forum lmao


wow, I have also experienced some crazy stuff myself since I have come to balg, I have done more spells in the past two weeks than I had done in the last three years and I also feel that I am being guided to do spells and to conquer my life, which ironically I never cared about until I came to this place even tho I was doing magick for the past 3 and a half years, it’s a whole new level of determination and drive to gain control over life.


I honestly believe that, no doubt whatsoever in my mind, there’s too much evidence to the contrary, not to mention the weird synchronicities with other members! :smiley:

Spirits have an agenda of ascent in my experience, and very few other forums are quite as immersed in that idea, with so few limitations on what can be discussed or proposed…


Thoth is a messenger to the other Gods, spirits. He will give inspirations and guidance to work with other kemetic egyptian deities. You can work with egyptian and mesopotamian (summerian, babylonian, assyrian) Gods they mix well toguether.