My lesson from Nichsah and The Four ArchAngels

Ok so I meant to post this last night but I was too busy.
On 1-10-14 I evoked Nichsah king of water during the day then on a whim evoked the four ArchAngels of the cardinal directions.

Here’s what I learned.

I evoked Nichsah to help me master the water within myself,and to help me control my emotions to not just help me out in my mundane life,but to help me release my desire and attachment during ritual.

When I asked Nichsah to help me master the water within he told me “You are not just filled with divine light but you are the elements as well.All is one so you are them and they are you.I may be the King of the Waters but I am here to obey you so what does that make you?”

Before I could even ponder this revelation he told me he would open my chakras and I was to flood them with water.

I was instructed to sit in a meditative posture using a water mudra.
I did this and closed my eyes.
I then began to feel my chakras spinning from my crown to my root.Not fully as would happen during a full chakra meditation,but I definitely felt it.

I then began to breath water instead of light through my chakras up and down untill I felt the need to stop.

Nichsah said daily practice of this would help me control my emotions in life and ritual.

His last words were “Do not forget your place among creation as the creator.”

I thought about this most of the day and felt like I needed to hear more.My daughter was at her grandmothers house for the night so I decided to clear the house of energy using the LBRP.

I had Frankincense burning almost enough to fill the living room.

Once the LBRP was finished I felt the angels not just around me but the half of the house I had done the ritual.

I felt compelled to call them further,and had questions about Enochian Majick that I posted a thread about earlier that day.

Starting with Raphael I gave the license to appear.
I could feel him,but not see him.(I’ve never had a full manifestation)

As I turned to Michael I began to see the outline of a head so I considered him manifest enough to commune with.

I turned to Gabriel and as I poured my energy into the west I saw the outline of a man facing me.I stared at it a moment in awe as I’ve never been that close to physical manifestation.

I turned to Uriel and got about the same outline.

Once I felt they were all there I began making my requests.
I asked them to make sure my house stays protected,that my finances be secure,that my physical and mental well being stay healthy,and that I stay in tune with the spiritual aspects of life.

I then asked that they keep me protected when I delve into Enochian MajiThis is when they started talking.

I heard all four of their voices in my head echoing the same words all at onne.(especially Michael who was behind me in the south at that time.I was just kind of spinning around talking to all of them equally)

As the barrage of angelic voices entered my head they said.
"The Enochian are not the same as we.But we are kin"
Before I could ask how they answered.
“Because all is one.You are us.Parts of you called out to carry out these tasks.Not because we are your own imagination,but because we are connected.”

This had some signifigance to what Nichsah said earlier that day.

I then asked about the dangers of Enochian Majick.Or any other spirits.

They said.

“Do not forget.
You are the summoner AND the summoned.
If things get dangerous remember you are dealing with a thing that is part of you,and if you can control yourself you can control all.Bring that part of you under your control using your will alone for it is your will that brought it into being.”

I never dismissed them.In fact I asked them to stay.

Again they somewhat echoed the teachings of Nichsah.


PS:During the LBRP I knocked my cell phone off my recliner and the battery popped out.

While summoning the Angels and during the conversation my phone kept turning on and off.Must have been a lot of energy in the house during this experience.

Thanks for reading.


This echoes what I’ve been saying all along. Everything is an aspect of AHYH, which is Existence. You are AHYH ASR AHYH, Existence conscious of itself. Therefore, All is a part of you and because of the fact that you are conscious, you can control it.

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Excellent post Musta, much enjoyed.