My last evocation didn't produce the necessary results

So due to a bad shoulder injury and seeing as it didn’t get that much better in 3 weeks I felt like it was time to call buer to assist. Long story short I used a more formal type of evocation out of DOM.

I use the 3rd method in the book that encompasses full evocation just to try and improve my evocation skills. I call him using the method , thank him for coming , state my intent and explain my situation which is I can’t work or lift with this injury and I need it healed quickly because I need to find another job fast because I don’t have any rent money (i also did an evocation of Bune for that) .

I stated my offering , buer agreed and said it would take about 3 days but it shouldn’t be any longer then about a week.

Well it’s been almost a week and the first day I felt a slight improvement but no more than that. Now keep in mind I said I need to have no physical limitations and be FULLY healed but when I move my arm certain directions or move it fast I still get some bad pain.

So what gives ? What did I do wrong ? I’ve been stretching and keeping my protein intake where it needs to be just as buer said.

Why can some of these spirits heal deadly diseases seemingly in days but can’t heal my torn shoulder so I can work and get back in the gym ?

I’m at the point where I almost want to just throw most of my goetia stuff out.

Why didn’t my magick work ?

Just wanted to remind you of this.

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