My introduction

Hi, how I’m not so new here, but I’ve been reading for a while.

This is not my name but I like it so use it :slight_smile:

I’ve always been struck by magic and I’ve been doing some beginner spells for a while now and if I’d like to go deeper into black magic, there’s a person who has hurt me a lot during a physical and emotional time and I’ve never been able to do anything but now I’m so eager to get her deserved, she’s a girl (her name is herendia Sánchez Cárdenas, in case someone throws a stopper and laces something for a little bit xd) I’ve felt very bad for any of her, and I always ask the dark lord help me with that problem

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welcome :fire:



Always good to have a goal, get ready for hard work my friend.


Welcome Lucifer…



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