My Introduction

Greetings all! I am an 18 year old black magician living in the Midwest. As far back as I can remember I have always had a natural affinity for magick. When I was a child even as far back as preschool and kindergarten I had clairvoyant faculties and could sense spirits, things of an energetic nature, seeing auras, have prophetic dreams, etc. I also had an aptitude towards psychic vampirism though I had no idea of terminology at the time. I oftentimes found myself feeding on the prana of the other children in my class. I also found it natural to draw energy from the world and just as easily as I could take I discovered how to give. My Father was in his 50’s by the time I was born so I often would go to him and give him prana and direct it to heal hm and take away his pain. The vampirism and other practices ended up refining my prana over time into more concentrated and purer forms. Though I didn’t know what to call it I believe I would accidentally enter the theta or theta-gamma sync when I would be sitting thinking about the universe. I would also experience reoccurring nightmares of a black beast which was like a wolf mixed with every other predator made of shadow chasing and killing me until once I faced it, killed it, and drank its blood. I was unsure of what all this was and for a long time thought it was just a normal thing.
This started to change when in third grade I read the book Wizardology. (Laugh at me all you want this was my first exposure to the concept of Magic.) From there I instantly became obsessed with the concept of Magic and searched for the true form of it in our world somehow not realizing it was under my nose the whole time. Oddly enough I would although being an “Atheist” constantly argue with the religious people around me and point out the failings in the behavior of YHVH and argue that if anything the Serpant was the true patron of humanity. Eventually I forgot about this for awhile in Middle school and had the worst three years of my life.
Freshman year however I got my first taste of something real. I found the works of Peter Carroll and Phil Hine and studied the techniques of chaos Magick realizing the connection with what I had been doing all along. For the next two years I studied the occult and got deeper struggling to find what called me. I would find this in the LHP and the Qliphoth. My first conscious working with any Demon was on November 31st 2017. I called on Prince Sitri to compel love and a relationship from a girl whom I was friends with. The next morning my Father had a heart attack and died. From there I live with a friend and went into foster care. By December 8th the girl and I were dating but nothing sexual ever came of it and it ended poorly though we remain good friends. I would however lose my virginity not even a month later which I attribute to Prince Sitri.
After a failed evocation of Dantalion I decided that I would get better results with a “higher up” spirit. So I researched and found myself pulled to Belial more strongly than anything I had ever felt before. I would evoke him on a Friday around 11-12 after saying an invocation to Satan which came to me right as I began. He at first tricked me with a familiar spirit but I saw through it as I felt its power was lacking and different compared to what I felt from the sigil. I flung it from my circle at which point I heard laughter from the roof of the gazebo I was in. I looked up to see a gargoyle dragon man thing with eyes like fire clinging to the ceiling. He dropped down and introduced himself and we chatted. I asked for his mentorship and to teach me in the ways of demon magick. He agreed and I offered him a monster energy drink libation in thanks.
From there he would guide me to Kabbalah to the Qliphoth to the works of VK Jehannum, EA Koetting, Kurtis Joseph, and others. Since this I have worked with many other spirits including most of the Azerate/Chavajoth/Rulers of the Qliphoth, Lucifer, Azazel, Archangel Haniel, Hecate, Semjaza, and others. I have initiated through the first four Qliphothic spheres and undergone great changes.
Belial alone has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be, Lucifer has made me wiser than I thought I could be, the spirits of the Qliphoth are where I have found my home and amongst Black Magicians I have found my brothers. So without further adieu I give my greetings to my brothers and sisters of the path.Preformatted text


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