My Introduction!

Hello! I´m new here and I wanted to introduce myself!
First I want to tell you all that I know the Become A Living God website since 2014, but I didn´t find necessary to become part of the community until months ago.
And also I live in Chile, so I maybe make some mistakes at the moment to writte in english.
I´m a huge fan of comic books (Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc), martial arts, Heavy Metal music and almost any kind mythology.
If I need some help related about magical stuff I will look for advices here!
I hope to learn some interesting stuff around here!
Have a good day!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum.

What magical experience do you have? What types of magick are you interested in?

Before we can advise you on any questions you may have, it would be helpful to know if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.



I like the magik related to norse and greek mythology! And also related to Djinns!
I´ve had some curious experiences, like very frequent dreams about these subjects, good news after meditating about these entities or stories, etc.
And also thanks to my diverse martial arts training I´ve learned to manipulate my Ki or mental energy (Like the Iron Fist superhero!). That is not magik at all form my perspective but you get the idea.

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Welcome! :smiley:

Thank you for elucidating your experience :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

Welcome to the forum @Vaaalzaeic_1909!