My introduction

Hello all. Greetings!

I’m new here and to everything here. My is name is hanky1 and I’m from Nigeria, I got to the website through my research for Spiritual community like this on net few weeks ago, I’m happy to be here. what lead to my research is the current struggles in life.
I don’t really have a particular belief, though I was born into a Christian family. I have always love to associate with spiritual things & people but unfortunately I haven’t able to achieve what I want.
My type of magick: I want a magick that will help me to accomplish my goal in life, force to back me up while I been on move with my career.
My current struggles. I have been experiencing sex in dream and which usually happens when I’m expecting, most-times money, an entity is against my progress. And I have no idea how it came about. And I need help with this. Most of my dreams is about making love to any lady I know physical, but Someone said it could be curse/hex, succubus or witchcraft, she Asked me summon Lilith to ask her for help, I did a research about her did the invocation but I couldn’t tell what happened because had no guide me through & my issue still remain.I have explore the community and love everything here, i sincere wish to get in touch anyone who care about this.
Thank y’ll … Alex


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Hanky1. Welcome to the BALG forum.

I assume you have no experience in magick?

Thank you also, I don’t any experience, I’m thinking I should do invocation of Lilith but don’t know how


Use that magnifying glass in the top corner and search for beginners tutorials. That should give you plenty of stuff to get your feet wet with.


Welcome :blush: