My Introduction:

My name is Dionysis (it’s not a nickname), but you may call me Candles.
Even though I was baptized, I stopped worshipping the Christian God very early on (when I was less than a decade old). Most of my family’s not that religious, so irreligiousness has never been an issue. I started getting into magic through very basic Wiccan sigil work while I was transitioning from being an atheist to being a witch. But the most substantial form of a supernatural experience happened at age 14, when I watched Orlee Stewart’s video of her evocation of Prince Seere where she included the viewer as part of the evocation (I didn’t know how that worked then and I still don’t know now). I was still an atheist at the time, so I was low-key doing it just for fun, expecting the evocation to fail. I did manage to handle most of the ritual well (only forgetting to take notes of what the prince was telling me). I actually saw Seere pointing at the direction of hidden treasure but I didn’t think much of it. I accepted what Prince Seere asked of me in return for his services and after the ritual ended I immediately went to the exact spot he pointed at and started searching my drawer for anything of value. I kept searching for a couple of minutes but nothing treasure-like was actually there. At one point, I thought of giving up and pretend “the real treasure was the experience of summoning a demon”. But I still kept searching deeper into the drawer until I finally found a box containing something heavy. I opened it up, and to my surprise, it had actual money in it. Coins amounting to €10.10. My whole world turned upside down that night and that’s when I started researching Left-hand Path magic more seriously. To this day I still don’t know what it was exactly but one thing I do remember is that it was something relating to forming a personal connection with him… I think (I would like to get my main theory out there one day but in a different post).
I’m actually planing on working with Deities at one point but Demonic entities have always been my comfort zone.


Welcome @Candles

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick? In all of that paragraph, you haven’t actually mentioned if you practice anything yourself or not.

If so, what exactly do you practice and how long have you practiced it? Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

I’m from Cyprus.

I haven’t had any practical experience in magick because I wanted to get as much information about how magick and demons work as I could just in case I might do any more stupid things like forgetting to bring a notebook and a pen with me during an evocation. I’m actually a bit ashamed that phase took from when I was 14 up until this year when I’m planning on making my altar and practice the blue ray meditation method to sharpen my astral senses before starting evoking spirits.

I’m planning on learning and subsequently practicing evocation and a bit of tarot. .

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you, DarkestKnight.

By the way, I forgot to say that I for a while, focused entirely on conjuration magick and making servitors and other thought constructs. However, that too did not yank my crank.