My introduction

Hello everyone!

I’ve was here 2 years ago for a long time but lost that account, it may be even deleted for inactivity.

I’ve been practicing magic for a long time with pauses, now my life comed to a part when I need to go all in. So I comed here for knowledge and tips.

Have a nice day everyone

How long is “a long time?”

And what, exactly, do you practice? This “introduction” tells us nothing about who you are or your experience in magick.

Please introduce yourself properly.

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I’ve done my first candle magic, without even knowing what was it like 8 years ago, since then I’m keep returning and returning to magic, whether it’s candle magic, or root magic. I’m hoping to get better with my ability to transfer energies more clear :slight_smile:

I hope this is now clear enough.

Hi there @Ancient, welcome (back) to the forum. I also was a member here for a good while last year but took a break and had to come back with a new name. :bouquet:

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Welcome :blush:

Hi, what was the screenname you used for that please? :slight_smile:

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@Ancient please reply to my question. :+1:

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Hello, sadly I don’t know any data about the account because I never remember any logins, I used to have a text file storing them, but that’s deleted.

But it does not matter I’m perfectly fine with this account :slight_smile: