My Introductiom

Hello. Im new here. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve always been interested in “alternative religion” I was raised Christian) early on I had an interest in spiritual/paranormal things.

The occult has always fascinated me, I’m interested in the existence of spirits, communicating with them, psychic/extra sensory perception phenomena like astral projection, conjuring spirits, practicing Magick , exploring different religions and philosophies exc. Including other religious/philosophical/spiritual paths I’ve had an interest in Satanism as well. I’m interested in demonology.

Right now I’m at a point where I know if I want to progress spiritually I’m going to have to buckle down on the basics like meditation/entering trance states. Working on heightening psychic senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience (because I’m interested in working with the Daemons/Spirits).

I’m interested in working towards being able to astral project. I’m interested in getting to where I can see the energy/spiritual plane by self will through mind power and meditative states as opposed to ingesting any psychoactive “enhancer”.

I want to be able to do it naturally and gain skills and not depend on things outside myself to open my awareness and my communication skills with the higher planes and entities.

I’ve had experiences with the paranormal I’ve seen spirits I’ve been in haunted places I’ve even dabbled with praying to Satan and some other demons(Astaroth and Asmodeus).

The main ones I’ve been stuck on for a while are Lucifer Astaroth Asmodeus and Azazel.

It’s come to my attention about Mal Kalfu (or papa leave) cause ever since I’ve done a conjuration for Lucifer I saw a Spirit that looked as the description I’ve read about on here. He has a Black Fedora a Black Coat a Black Suit black boots and he has infra red beam glowing eyes and he has pale white skin on his face.

The first time I did a conjuration of Lucifer this spirit has came and returned multiple times throughout my life. I’m beginning to think all this has been the Mal Kalfu or “papa leave” because he came when I first tried to summon Lucifer and I read he controls the “crossroads” between the physical and spiritual realms.

He came to me one time when I was trying to astral project I saw him sitting on the couch beside me I heard a voice that said “you are now entering Sheol” and I take Sheol to be the Spirit world on the Earth, the Etheric or Astral(still confused if these are 2 different planes).

I view Sheol as the land of the dead the land of shades(shadow people) I believe if you enter this plane you can also travel to or through hell(or maybe this world is actually the Kingdom of Hell) I don’t know.

He came to me a lot when I was doing a long binge on psilocybin mushrooms it makes sense cause I was using them to enter the Spirit World. That time period was very significant to me as I viewed it as a vital period first using psychedelics (as I had always been atimate about trying them) I viewed that time as my spiritual graduation so to speak and my “third eye awakening”.

What better way to do it than binging on shamanistic sacraments I thought.

Now I’ve also prayed to Lucifer and he has helped me out I feel. Now I’m interested as I said in growing spiritually developing senses and abilities and communicating more vividly with the spirits.

I’ve also had dreams where I feel Astaroth had come to me and also Azazel one time. Ive had some experiences with lesser Magick like doing spells or candles and I’ve had experiences reaching altered states through mediation.

I’ve astral projected a few times(although short lived) and I’ve entered hypnogogic imagery and done some lucid dreaming. Right now I feel that there’s a whole nother world all around me to explore but I need help getting to where I can be aware of it communicate in it and travel in it.

I’m interested as I said in more vivid interactions with the Daemons and eventually doing Higher Magick travelling through the Astral Plane and maybe even through Hell realms and be very intact withthe spirits I like.

My will is there my beliefs is there and my past experiences reinforcement of those beliefs is there but my spectacles so to speak are a little foggy. I’ve been having trouble with I feel some psychic infusions like telepathic attack and I feel I’ve got some chakra imbalances.

I want to fix those problems and I want to grow in my mental emotional and spiritual life. That’s all I can think to say. It should be nice talking to you all and getting to know and learning from you all. Thanks for having me.

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @6CrystalVision3

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Do you have any experience in magick or the paranormal outside of using drugs?

If you do, do you follow any specific system or tradition?

Also, a word of advice, if you want people to read your posts and not just scroll on by, please use proper paragraph breaks in the future. Reading a wall o’ text on a screen is a strain so most people are likely to avoid it.

@Lady_Eva Could you possibly edit some breaks in this so it’s easier to read?


I’ve had experiences without the drugs even way before I started using drugs. I first tried to conjure Lucifer when I was 11 years old and I had an entity come who with reading up and looking back I believe to have been Mat Kalfu or “Papa Leave” said he is the gatekeeper at the crossroads between the physical and spiritual worlds. I’ve also been in haunted places and seen spirits in them and have had spirits move physical objects in my surroundings and actually physically assault me. With working with Magick I have done time doing meditation and breathing and visualization and had luck getting into trance states where I’ve had hypnogogic imagery and remote viewing and a few short lived successful attempts at astral projecting. I’ve done minor spell work incorporating the moon phase, herbs that are good for particular spells, incorporating candle colors and mental visualization and verbal prose to cast a spell. Mainly money spells a few love and lust spells…done some vengeance spells too I’m not proud of. I pray to different Gods and Daemons throughout my life I’ve prayed to Lucifer/Satan and had him help my situation to improve. I feel I’ve communicated with Asmodeus and Astaroth too in dreams and in light apparition and then communicating with me telepathically and in mild visual apparition and closed eye imagery. I’m sorry about the paragraph deal I appreciate the advice though I tried to make paragraphs with this one but I space to the end of the writing block and it dosent let my writing cursor space down to a lower level of the page.

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Okay, you basically just repeated everything in your original post and only answered one of my actual questions :joy:

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?


Sorry about that brother lol. Ok I’m from Tennessee. I’ve been practicing on and off for 19 years and I knew nd of do a smorgasbord practice and make shift Magick I guess.