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Hello there : )
I’m Mana, a basic french girl who is interested in occult arts.
I’m an eclectic witch, I started about a year ago. The only spells I know are pretty basic, one is with a candle but I tried to spiced it up by invoking the elements and it worked. The other is a protective spell. I meditate sometimes. I like crystals and I have like 14 (including a beautiful amethyst that I got as a gift~) . I also like plants but they barely stay alive more than 3 weeks so it’s kinda sad.

I came here because my boyfriend introduced me to this site and I had a lot of questions like how do we speak with Gods ? So I want to see by myself. So if anyone is interested in giving some advices on witchcraft or on how I can talk to Gods please do : ) thanks !


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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Hi Mana, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile: You can do a forum search of whatever topic interests you and find a ton of interesting posts. I hope you find what you’re looking for :cherry_blossom:

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I have crystals too, but tarot cards helped me understand many occult symbolism. There is alchemy, astrology, and the Goetia Hidden in them. If you want to really invoke angels and demons you should look into the keys of Solomon. Here is my crystal set up, I have a speaker behind it that plays music to vibrate my crystals welcome :+1:


Meditation is probably your best tool to strengthen your ability and connection with the Gods. I suggest you pick one to focus on in the beginning. It doesn’t matter who you choose or what pantheon they are from.
Read everything you can about the entity you want to contact. Find out what herbs are sacred to them and get them. Anoint a candle with the herbs and carve the deity’s name into the candle. Light it (safely!) and focus on its energy while you meditate.
I believe this may help you best contact the divine you desire. Pay attention to everything during your ritual and meditation. Feelings, sounds and temperature changes are just some of the ways that the divine let us know they are here.


Welcome to the forum!

I also second that mediating often is a good way to build yourself up for not only communicating with the gods you wish to (as there are many, many of them) but strengthening your magic. There are multiple different techniques on this forum to help develope your astral senses, which will be helpful with things like evoking a deity. A form of divination can definitely be handy at first but learn to go beyond that once you master it so it does not become a crutch.

Researching everything you can on the particular spirit will help you immerse yourself into the current of that spirit to help bridge the gap between you and then. However, dropping expectations of that spirit from the research prior to ritual is just as important as the real deities will tend to surprise you instead of fitting perfectly in its mythology (those tend to be egregores). Asking for them to list their abilities is a good way to weed out the real spirits and the imposters.

I recommend clapping or knocking on the wall just before starting and right after ritual to mentally tell yourself that anything that happens is part of the ritual. Whatever does, take it as it is in that moment (save the questioning and analyzing until after you are done). Learning to banish and cleanse an area beforehand is also wise. While there is usually no danger, their energy might not be what you want hanging around the area afterwards, but that is your choice.

Phew, I think that is my basic suggestions lol. Welcome again!


hey : )
I love how you displayed your crystals ! I’ll look about the key of Solomon, thanks : )

Thanks ! I’ll try the ritual once my ability are strong enough : )

Welcome @Mana,
Good luck on your journey :blush:

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thanks for all of your advices, I really appreciate it : )

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You absolutely don’t have to wait. The best ways to increase your abilities are to do simple magicks like this

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