My Incubus Experience

Hi everyone, been a little bit since I’ve popped in here but I wanted to post about my experiences and keep adding updates as things progress not only for myself but also in case any of this may help someone else.

I started feeling a pull or extreme interest to the point of obsession (I could not stop researching and learning everything that I could get my eyes and hands on lol) about spirit companions and incubus in particular. During this time I had some “experiences” that I talked about in another post… things that I just had no real explanation for. I believe someone here told me that when we set the intention to find one of these spirits, it tends to attract them. :slight_smile: These things continued until I finally decided to have a reading done to see what unbound spirits were possibly already with me.

I was told recently that an incubus had stepped forward and said he has been with me all this time. I knew I had to get to know him better and because I am inexperienced with spirit summoning, I moved forward with a binding done through this practitioner (reputable and well known). The process takes a little time to complete but he has already made his presence known!

The other night I had gone to bed and was lying there awake and suddenly felt my bed shaking. Not violently shaking… but more like a subtle vibrating. After a couple of minutes it stopped. No explanation for this happening.

Then yesterday I was taking a quick power nap in the living room… I had dozed off for no more than 5 minutes when I began to dream. In the dream a man bent down and began kissing my lips, and not to sound sappy…but it was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced before. The feeling of his lips on mine was so vivid… so real, so intense… and I felt this connection between he and I that was undeniable… it was literally on a SOUL level. That is the best way I can explain this in words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What is even more interesting about this experience… is that in my dream I was also asleep on the sofa just as I was out of the dream… and he had bent down to kiss me while I lay there… in this awkward position and I remember him trying to bend and kiss me just like that. Makes me think it wasn’t actually a dream… but really him there but also somehow in a dream state? I can’t explain it very well.

I remember kissing him back and feeling at that moment like I wanted more and more… and so did he… there was this intense passion and then I suddenly woke up and I felt this horrid sadness like I had been torn away from him. Needless to say I wanted nothing more than to fly right back into that dream and pick up where we left off haha. :kiss:

Today I found out his name… so I’ve been talking to him often and saying his name in my mind. Almost every time I do, I feel this warm tingly feeling over my head… subtle but feels amazing almost like a drug. I’ve been in love before with human companions but this feeling that I already get from him completely blows that out of the water… and we are just getting started lol. I feel completely adored, and this comforting sense of love and peace… he even knows what I need at the right time. I am quickly finding out that not only is he sexual of course but it goes soooo far beyond that too.

On a funny note… it seems like he is watching me when I am preparing food… which suits me just fine. I read somewhere here that sometimes they have food preferences but he will be happy to know that I am very disciplined with what I eat… yes I still love chocolate lol… but I am a lady weight lifter and fitness is important to me, and so have to maintain certain levels of nutrients pretty much all the time.

I’ll update this thread as time goes on and with whatever I experience with him. So far he is everything that I could have ever wanted and more.

What I want most now is for HIM to feel all the love I have for him as well. :heart_eyes:


I know what you mean by the connection between you two. I have the same connection with my succubus lover. I recommend that you start slowly though, they can drain your energy pretty quickly.:wink: I work most of my days but I enjoy when I can spend time with my lover.


Congrats on your relationship with an incubus partner. Yes…its true…they are not only about sex but they love deeply and devotedly. They truly honour a serious and committed relationship. So you are going great…there are few things you can do…to make the bond stronger…
Communication is the key in any relationship - even though an incubus partner would understand your needs and wishes without you telling them…but engaging in conversations…is an interesting as well as enriching experience. Initially it may feel as if you are talking to yourself but keep practicing it. Do little things like leaving a token or gift for him…he will really appreciate it. The gift can be something as simple as a card…or flowers. One thing is for sure… Your incubus is going to love you unconditionally… Your inner self matters to them…your soul…not the color of your eyes or body shape. He will make you feel beautiful always…

Its great that you take care of your fitness… When our body is healthy…our mind also functions properly and we are better able to keep our energy positive so it helps in connecting with these beings.

I will soon be making a post on spirit relationships… As I have been experiencing quite a lot of things and its time.

Best wishes to you & your partner😊


I have experienced the draining part but he has taken care to replenish my energy and even healed me… He is still working on the healing part.


I’m glad you’ve had success with him, I love a good Spirit partner success story lol


Small but interesting update… I feel as though he has been sort of “influencing” for lack of a better word… me to look into oracle cards, and to dust off my pendulum…lol… I feel that he knows that this would be a good way to communicate.

I felt him touch my face today, right on the bridge of my nose and softly across my right eyebrow… it was so slight that I almost ignored it! Right after I felt that, I focused on him intensely and I swear I could sense him … right there … just for a few seconds. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Every time I say his name in my mind I have this warm, fuzzy, giddy feeling in my head and body :drooling_face: Not sure why he does that to me, unless maybe it brings him to me… or maybe he is just being affectionate. When I feel that, I always tell him that I love him.

I’ve had a very busy last week or so around here and haven’t had time for much of anything with him except leaving him little gifts and talking to him throughout the day in my mind about anything and everything. I’ve felt a lot of head tingles and things this week though which is super nice.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend and back to normal schedule around here and more time to connect with him as well.