My incantation for deification (possibly under lucifer)

This was poem I wrote before I started going deep in to the occult. However I later went back on it and saw the promethean analogies as well as tributes to lucifer. Keep in mind that I felt like i communicated with Lucifer at a much later date and it was a very questionable mentorship.

adoni(s),theos, Kannada
dia, dios, lord of tanakh
bring me the fire of desires
and the wrath of retributions
make me god in devotion
and see from your eyes.
link me to the divine
severed from minds
open my heart
and mend its shards.
teach me to be kind
and be kind to me.
adoni(s),dia, diva
theos and the lord of Asuras.
burn me in Babylon
and chain me for fire.
eat my inside so i would never die
but please be kind to my soul.

Perhaps you guys can help me interpret this piece on a deeper level for I am quite a novice

Small question, why did you put the (s) after each “adoni” because those are two different entities. Adoni (technically Adonai, but whatever) is a Hebrew word meaning Lord, used as a title for Yahweh. and Adonis is a bisexual Greek God of Sun, Music, Prophecy.

Very interesting, I had no idea adonis was bisexual since I am as heterosexual as can be but shortly after this poem. I went in to a period of sexual confusion and started to identify myself as bisexual for a period of time. I had many sexual fantasies towards one of my close male friend.

As to why I added the s. I guess it might have been under the influence of belial since I recently tried to invoke him. This change was made after working with him.

I think I might look in to adonis further. Since his influence might have been a big part of that transitional period during my first practice in to black magick. I was working at a bar(in dish) with many attractive waitresses. I was trying to work magic mainly involving sex. It worked really well for I was hit on very often and even to the extent of getting invited to a waitress’s home wheres she paid for the taxi and drugs:/. I understood the nature of adonis as being someone who was very appealing and evoked the dominant nature in women although I never called him forth at the time(I was working with the egyptian tarrots and egyptian entities).

What made it even more coincidental is that this girl called me to her home after she saw that the tip pool got penalized since apparently i didn’t pay for one of my meals(which I did). Someone was trying to frame me of it. Which kind of reminds me of the boar apollo sent to adonis.

Anyways. I appreciate the comment. It helped link some awareness.

Yeah, Adonis and this guy named Hyacinth, in the story, Adonis accidentally kills Hyacinth with a discus. He was super sad. There is also a similar story with Apollo, Hyacinth and Zephyr.

So, did Belial tell you to add the s, or after you worked with s you felt inspired to add the s?

I was compelled to. I tried to communicate with Belial and I saw my form change in the mirror after I invoked him. However, i can’t discern the voice of being belial or the annoying tupla in my head. I can say I added the s out of a strong compulsion to the rhythm of the piece. If that makes sense.

Interesting - Belial has been reported by quite a few people on here (me included) as asking people to change the nature of their sexuality in some way, if you type Belial sexuality into the forum’s Search function, you’ll find quite a few comments about it.

I read up a little on what others have reported. I think this might have been brought forth from the idea in me that bisexuality is freedom and open you up to experience more aspects of love and lust. I think I ll have to answer no to Belial though. I am pretty comfortable with who I am right now.

Neat. What I find is that your poem contains a lot of biblical imagery, since I spent over five years immersing myself in Christianity I think that I am adequately prepared to elaborate on these connections.

adoni(s),theos, Kannada

Well, Adonai/Adonis, we already covered.
Theos is the Greek noun meaning god.
Kannada is an Indian dialect.

dia, dios, lord of tanakh

Dia and dios are both Spanish words meaning goddess and god, respectively.
Lord of Tanakh is likely (but not necessarily) an epithet for Yahweh. The Tanakh is the entire Hebrew Scriptures.

adoni(s),dia, diva

Adonis and dia have been covered above.
Diva however, is a woman who is popular, it could be describing the dia.

theos and the lord of Asuras.

Theos, again, Greek for god.
Lord of Asuras. Asuras are a pre-Indian deity whose roots are found in the now extinct Vedic religion. It has been appropriated into Zoroastrianism (as benevolent beings) and Hinduism (as destructive beings).

burn me in Babylon and chain me for fire. eat my inside so i would never die but please be kind to my soul.

This part is interesting. Babylon is a biblical metaphor. It is what Bible Scholars call a “trans-identitive property”. Meaning that what Babylon is defined as always changes, but what it represents is always the same. I’ll save you the boring bible study and just tell you that in Isaiah Babylon is Arabia, and in Revelation Babylon is Rome.

So, you wrote “chain me in Babylon and burn me in fire” and that is exactly what happens to Babylon at the end of Revelation. Again, I’m going to spare you the boring brass taxes but, Babylon becomes the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, or Hell.


Quite. This is pretty different from my take but it makes a lot of sense. I took diva as the female aspect of the divine and asura as the male.

The last part I read as a tribute for prometheus giving fire to man kind and getting chained. But this revelation with babylon being hell is very interesting. I thought babylon was related to the anakim.

What do you take on the “eat my inside” part?

I had it related to the vulture zeus sent to prometheus but could this also be seen as the offering of my soul?

I thought it was a poetic description of what burning in a fire would do.

Well, I simply channel when I write. When the words fit, I’ll use them. I guess it can be interpreted as fire burning the inside. Pardon that most of my work is done in a drunken state of oblivion. Thank you for your input and time.

Also, you do know that Asuras come in male and female varieties right?

Unlike Judeo-Christian religions which dislike assigning gender to spiritual creatures (like how angels and demons are neither male nor female, etc.), the Eastern religions do it all the time.

I’m aware. I’m referring to the energy of that entity being masculine.
A female can also have masculine energy. Although I’m not sure if any entity is strictly bonded by gender outside of perceiving it as such.

I did take some seminars on the vedic religion with Jeffery Armstrong previous to writing this. Thus the vedic influence.