My hilarious experience with Thor Odinson (side note it's my birthday)


So on my birthday, today I went to my spot where I do my Nordic Conjurations to the beings of Yggdrasil, and today on this fine Thors Dag, I finally decided to call upon Thor himself. Here’s what I did, after yelling Lathu Thor x9, and I took a moment for me to feel the wind, and I asked him for his help, to turn my luck around and be as strong as he is, and bring righteous justice against my shitty neighbors and townsfolk, who keep giving my dad shit for being Persian. I offered him Garlic and Onion, and this song:

I at first started dancing to it, but then I couldn’t stop laughing, when I started dancing like a tribal metal head, then I told him I can’t dance, so let’s just enjoy this tune. So, yeah I think Thor might love this Sabaton song, at least I hope he does because I felt the light breeze blow by me, so maybe that’s a good sign? Anyway, just wanted to share what I did on Thors dag, what do you guys think? Hope you lot have a good day.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball: :clinking_glasses:


Happy Birthday @ParagonSage91!!!