MY good friend has been given two year to live

MY good friend has been given two years to live, she has a an inoperable
brain tumor,

I was thinking of evoking Marbas for her healing

anyone worked with him before?

I’m sorry to hear that, I haven’t worked with Marbas on anything like this, but I hope you get some helpful advice.

I proposed working with Cassiel on cancer in this thread BUT that was just based on theory and not having done so myself, so take that fwiw.

Hopefully someone who knows more and has had actual experience with this sort of unpleasant situation will have something to say.

cancer is always a tough one. to be honest, cancer makes me nervous. in a lot of ways it makes a mockery of magick or the idea of even being a magician.

i have only had ONE success in working on cancer, and i do believe that it is because the doctors operated on it early and the patient was doing what they were supposed to, so to my way of thinking, medical science did most of the heavy lifting.

when it comes to magick i am inclined more and more to believe that science does the heavy lifting and magick can more or less influence the thought waves of the mind. for that reason i don’t recommend relying on magick for healing cancer. i may be wrong about that but have yet to see with my own two eyes anyone healed by magickal means. again i’m not saying it can’t be done, i’m just saying i have not seen anyone do it, and believe me, i have looked for someone who can.

i used the symbol of healing from the 6th book of moses on the one case that went through for me. i used the seal with the wrong rate and was told that their cancer was getting WORSE, i mean it was an emergency that happened within a matter of hours. i then balanced the rate and over the next few days the cancer diminished until the day of surgery when it was cut out. they have not had a relapse in over 2 years since.

[quote=“andyman, post:1, topic:5906”]MY good friend has been given two years to live, she has a an inoperable
brain tumor,

I was thinking of evoking Marbas for her healing

anyone worked with him before?[/quote]

I have not worked with any goetic spirits or otherwise, simply because I lack the skill. I did try to evoke Raphael, and did have some presence in the room. One thing that may be useful is color and sound therapy, though that can take some time and the patient would need to concentrate to a degree. Another thing is the egregore, there was a mass operation of people working their mojo for Donald Kraig a while back, and there did appear to be a change in his condition to a degree. How many spirits are there that have healing capabilities, and is the patient open to being healed? A final thing is that positive attitude will carry the patient a long way, and can even beat the cancer in some cases, or at least put it into remission … the subconscious will take any sense and turn it into physical reality. That means, positive thoughts, ideas, speech. No negative images, no negative speech or sound. My opinion.

popping into this thread one more time with a link to this site.

i can’t promise you that anything on the site is of any use to you. i can’t even promise you that anything on it is safe. medical doctors would probably laugh me out of the room if they saw that link. but when your life is on the line you will entertain any idea. and some things not accepted by modern science work fine.

listen to your doctors in general and do what they say. also investigate alternative therapy, but be sensible, there is a lot of snake oil out there. either way, check out the link, do what you feel is best from education not fear, be safe, and good luck with everything.

I know a couple of people who were told by doctors that they would never walk again. You’d never know it to see them walk now. When those people were told they would never walk, they immediately rejected that narrative, didn’t even accept it even for a moment. There was no doubt in their minds they would walk again.

There are LOTS of accounts out there from people who’ve cured themselves from inoperable brain tumors. If it was me, I’d start with making sure my body isn’t too acidic. Then I’d watch what I eat, more fruits and veggies, juiced and smoothied.

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Conversely, there are reports one can slow the development of brain tumours (specifically) by going on a ketogenic diet, I advise you or the person themselves to research that because the internet falls firmly into the “yes keto cures everything” and “no keto is quackery and killz you deadfast” camp - both of which, IMO, are crap, oversimplied, and harmful.

But it DOES have its uses, a deliberaterly imbalanced diet after past imbalances have inadvertantly combined with other factors to create disease conditions, so searching ketogenic diet brain tumour might be useful.

It’s down to the person to read about the possibility of alternative approaches and weigh the evidence, however in so doing they become their own physician and the buck stops with them, which for different people might not be appealing, or even suitable.

Never was the law of Cause & Effect so overlooked in everyday life, as with illnesses, probably because the automatic human reaction is to feel blamed or shamed when looking for root causes…

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I’ve worked with Marbas before to heal menstrual problems. He was very quick and efficient but I haven’t done any work that was actually life threatening

personally, i’m very wary when anyone has a cure for cancer. it seems to me that everybody knows how to get rid of cancer except for the person who actually has it.

having a doctor tell you you have x number of months or years to live is really scary. i think we magicians have a little too much hubris. we need to be realistic and admit that we don’t have all the answers and some things are beyond us. so i’m very careful about recommending or passing on cancer cures and things of that nature, especially in magick.

nevertheless, i can say this much. last week swim (someone who isn’t me) showed up in my life who had all the signs of being into occultism. i asked swim a few questions and sure enough, hir was evasive, not answering any questions directly, deliberately misspelling words, and generally changing the subject. when i saw all that cagey misdirection and just-short-of-lying type of deceit, i said yup, i’m dealing with a magician. so i asked a little further, and hir told me this much:

hir told me that they used herbology to remove hir own tumors and uses continued herbs to keep hir own cancer in remission. s/he said s/he took 5 capsules of lingzhi mushrooms a day for a year, as well as taking 10,000iu per day of coral calcium and vitamin d along with dmso. s/he said that hir colon cancer began to dissipate within 4 weeks and after a year it was in full remission. s/he also said that since then s/he has kept himself cancer-free by drinking lemongrass tea. s/he said that hir cure removes all types of cancers.

you know, you can’t believe everything you hear, but sometimes people tell you interesting stories.

swim also mentioned that from time to time s/he quietly tells others about hir own cancer cure, but s/he refuses to ask for any payment for hir advice. instead s/he advises others to do a little research and track down the ingredients on their own to avoid problems.

understand that it is illegal to give medical advice without a doctor’s license, and you can do time in prison for getting paid to try to cure somebody’s cancer with magick. word to the wise.

in general, caveat emptor. believe half of what you see, none of what you hear, and do a lot of research before you take anyone’s advice on anything. not out of paranoia, but in order to KNOW the truth, cos there is a lot of deception out there, some of it is official and some of it is not.