My goetic evocations and other reports on ritual work

Hello everyone, I am a LHP practitioner from Ukraine. My specialty is Kabbalah, Demonology, Western Magical Tradition. I have been personally working with the demon Marchosias for 16 years. Here I will post my reports on ritual work, the creation of artifacts and magical tools, and other materials.

The Report on the goetic evocation of the marquis Marchosias

Performers: [redacted by mod]. (operator), [redacted by mod]. (medium, assistant).

Date/Time: 03.08.20. 14.30-15.23.

The objective: to obtain information - a specific order of symbols to be engraved on a magic sword.

Type of evocation: dark magical/archetypal, until fully emerged.

The incense: Dragon Blood (Mars), Sandal (Moon).

The victim: red wine.

Summary of summoned : 35th Goetic demon, daytime, scale 29 (777), Moon/Mars, Water, Pisces


  • Bowl.
  • Atam.
  • Wand.
  • Altar.
  • A large incense burner for coals and two small ones for incense sticks.
  • Kelim.
  • 5 black two-hour candles in candlesticks.
  • Black altar cover.
  • Purified and consecrated chalk.
  • Coals.
  • Incense sticks.
  • Notebook for notes.
  • Pen.
  • Compass.
  • Red wine.
  • Seal of the demon.

Magic Circle and Triangle:

Triangle -Magna Veritas ” is inscribed along the contour.

The circle is double. The names are inscribed in a circle - Zimimay (north), Amaymon (east), Goap (south), Corson (west) . Between them are YHVH, HVHY, AZRAT, Elohim Gebor . Inside the circle - a rhombus and 4 hexagrams with inscribed letters T. Outside the circle - 4 pentagrams with the letters T inside.

Order of execution:

  • The Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Consecration and opening of the temple.
  • The opening of the seven gates of Hell.
  • Evocation.
  • Letting go of the spirit.
  • Closing the seven gates of Hell
  • The Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Closing the temple and cleaning the premises.

Summoning spell:

“I summon you, Marchosias, by the power of the name YHVH. By the power of El who created everything. By the power of the name Tetragrammaton, appear before me and fulfill my will. By the power and authority of the name of your lord Amaimon, the spirit of Marchosias, appear before me in a triangle and embody yourself clearly in the smoke of incense, in a pleasant way and answer all my questions in a clear, distinct voice.

Appear before me otherwise you will be punished by the power of the name Elohim Gibor and the name of your patron Amaimon. Show up. So be it.”


A. Preparation.

Since the spirit has a lunar nature, it was decided to summon Marchosias on the day and hour of the Moon. He came on the full moon, 03.08.20.

The preparation was started about a month in advance. In principle, it is desirable to carry out goetic evocations outside the city in a detached house. For this purpose, an appropriate room was found. The temple is equipped on the second floor of the house, the missing ritual items and consumables have been purchased.

One part of the incense is used in the form of sticks, the second in the form of powder for burning on coals in an incense burner. A kelim is made – a ritual clay vessel for liquid offerings in accordance with the book Sitra Ahra. The sigil of Marchosias is carved inside, and the notarikon “Ateh Gibor Le-Olahm Adonai” is carved outside along the rim.

A day before the start of the operation, the room was properly cleaned and prepared, all the cracks and windows were tightly sealed. A circle and a triangle are drawn on the floor. Next, the operator sealed all 6 surfaces of the room so that extraneous energies would not penetrate into it before the operation.

11 hours before the start, the sigil of Marchosias was made on purified and consecrated paper.

B. Commencement of work.

The opening of the temple was done together. The operator lit the altar candle. The assistant made the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, after which the operator created and charged the circle, the assistant the triangle of manifestation. After that, 4 candles were lit on the sides of the world.

Then the ritual of Opening the Seven Gates of Hell was performed . It is necessary to attract the demonic lords of the elements and their help in the main evocation. The summoned spirits appeared in the following form:

  1. Amaimon is the shadow of a horned demon.

  2. Goap – a man with a huge head, a body made of semi-frozen lava.

  3. Corson is a man in an Italian costume of the XVI century and a mask with a long nose.

  4. Zimimai is a man with black stripes on his face that started at the lower eyelid and went to the end of the chin. The stripes glowed purple. There are books and a phial on the belt.

  5. Lilith is a succubus.

  6. Lucifer and Samael – a black cloud under the ceiling.

  7. Khiva and Sariel – a glowing sphere near the operator’s chest.

The spirits who came were greeted with a bow and a cup of wine. They wanted the operator and assistant to have a drink with everyone. Energy supply to the operator and the assistant is possible only in the space of the circle, but not outside it.

Then the joint charging and activation of the sigil was performed. Hot steaming wine was poured into the kelim, incense sticks were lit and four burning coals were placed in the censer. The wine has been transmuted into the blood under the repeated vibration of the name of the called and the formula AGLA .

C. The Evocation

The operation began at 14.30 Kyiv time with multiple joint vibration of demon name in Hebrew. The operator began to slowly recite the summoning spell, gradually increasing the pace. The smoke of incense initially swirled, after the fifth pronunciation it took the form of an even column 5-6 centimeters in diameter, stretching to the ceiling. The rest of the smoke in the room felt thickened and swirled in the form of silhouettes and fog. The darkness in the temple became more tangible and all-consuming.

When questions were asked with a parallel vibration of the names of the force, drafts were felt in the space of the temple. At the same time, the windows were tightly hung, the frames were sealed with fabric, the door was tightly closed and also hung with a thick cloth.

An astral portal appeared in the wall behind the triangle in the form of a ragged hole, from which a wolf’s snarling muzzle slowly appeared. Marchosias appeared completely astral and entered the space of the triangle. At the same time, the coals in the incense burner began to spark, and the column of smoke began to expand to the top.

The spirit appeared in the form of a werewolf man in a white robe, standing upright on two legs. At the request of the operator, he tried to transmit the necessary text for engraving, which wasn`t successful. Then he crouched down, touched the floor with his upper limbs and appeared behind the assistant medium inside the circle. Marchosias touched the foot of the assistant (medium) and entered his body.

From that moment on, the evocation partially switched to the format of invocation through a medium. Which is quite often characteristic of dark magical evocations.

The comment on the medium: physically it felt as if the blood was boiling in the body, the pressure instantly increased greatly, all limbs, including the head, became numb. The effect of tunnel vision and tremor, severe cramps and spasms. The feeling that the body will not stand it and will die in a couple of minutes. Heavy load on the heart. Foaming at the mouth and nausea. When the operator conjured the spirit between questions and forced him to answer, I wanted to cling to him with my nails and teeth. The spirit of coercion was very unpleasant.

The feeling of the presence of Marchosias in the body is animal fear and omnipotence.

Visions of the medium shown by Marchosias: a village with a watermill in the middle of a dense forest. It is surrounded by a moat with water. It was the flowing water that prevented outsiders from getting inside the village. At midnight, the mill stops working, a group of wolves led by a werewolf appears from the forest. They attack the village, and tear all the inhabitants to pieces.

Operator’s comment: the assistant first sat on the floor, then lay down in the fetal position. He started having seizures. He began to shout out the names of the necessary letters with a growl. Some were relatively easy to disassemble, some were not. At this time, the presence of Darkness in the temple intensified. The Martian manifestations of Marchosias were added – contempt for oneself, the world, the evocators, thirst for blood and battle. The lunar aspect appeared near the end of the evocation

Spiritual feelings of the operator : a patron demon being summoned, which facilitated the contact. A strong sense of oppressive darkness and the Martian aspect. The third eye was very sore. Looking at the edge of his mind, there was a feeling that any affairs, even the world politics of mortals are dust, and the planets and stars are nothing sand compared to the plans of Marchosias, which pressed morally. The demon did not show any aggression, answered all questions and gave predictions. Until the end of the day, there was a strong general weakness, hunger. The feeling as if the magic shield and the “shield of will” are strongly “dented". The breakdown is at the level of the forehead. During the day, the real world felt two-dimensional in comparison with the space of the temple. Nausea and apathy appeared about an hour later, but quickly passed.

Then the medium started foaming at the mouth, and he began to vomit saliva and gastric juices. After coming out of the trance (when the spirit left), he said that he remembered almost nothing and was in a state similar to sleep.

The part of the resulting letter series was written in random order along with the words in approximate transliteration. Then the operator asked the remaining six questions, which were answered:

  1. The text of the engraving to create a magic sword. – Received.

  2. The formula pronounced “when killing in war, execution or sacrifice". – Received.

  3. The method of charging and activating the sword to defeat spirits and mortals. – Postponed, according to Marchosias, he will need to be summoned in a simple way when the sword is ready and in the hands of the operator.

  4. A blessing from the patron. – Received.

  5. Personal issues. – Received.

  6. Questions about the magical organization. – Received.

  7. Questions about magical and demonic ascent. – Received.

  8. The question of spirits in personal property after physical death. – Received.

After that, the operator released the spirit (15.23 Kyiv time). He left the temple space after the second or third pronunciation. The assistant regained consciousness and moaned. continuing to lie inside the circle. He tried to get up and write down the words in my notebook, but I couldn’t because of a strong tremor of his hands.

D. Clearing the space.

The operator closed the Seven Gates of Hell, thanking and releasing the summoned spirits. The feeling of darkness in the temple remained tangible, the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and a general cleaning of the space were held three times.

The temple was closed, the candles were extinguished and the seal of Marchosias was burned. The operator helped the assistant to get up and go outside. Then the medium fully recorded the text on the first question. At this time, the cleansing of the temple continued, which reduced the amount of darkness. During the entire evocation, two cats living on the territory of the site sat behind the fence of the house. One returned after, the second stayed there and returned in the evening

The wine in the kelim has thickened a lot, it has become sour-salty in taste, although before work it was ordinary semi-sweet without sourness. According to the instructions of Marchosias, it was poured into a bonfire on the street with an offering.

The melted wax from the candles on the cardinal directions preserved the energy of the summoned spirits from the seven gates.

E. Results and consequences.

The goetic evocation was performed successfully, the answers to the questions were received. The operation provided a great ritual experience for both participants.

General physical and mental weakness persisted in both participants during the day. There was a sleep disturbance, pain in the eyes and the third eye, the physical world felt flat and two-dimensional.

The Darkness that had gathered in the temple was partially removed, partially disappeared by itself. There were small humanoid phantoms that existed for about three days. They continued to grow slowly, being nourished from an external source. At the same time, the phantoms could not leave the sealed space of the room.

One of them took shape in the form of a black skeleton with stretched skin and burning eyes and a planetary nature – Saturn/Moon. He was able to make a hole in the protection of the temple and began to get fed up with fear, scaring the residents of the house in their sleep and when leaving it, besides, the cat reacted to him. The simplest attempts at exile had no effect on him.

Early in the morning at 08.20, cleaning was performed with the help of a salt solution, Sun incense and a red candle. The creature tried to hide in dark corners, at the end began to beg for mercy. As a result, it was expelled.


This was a fantastic operation. I salute you and your practice. Hail Marchosias!!

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I really appreciate traditional and ceremonial rituals.

Thanks for sharing your report rich in details and useful information, it brought me tips and answered some questions I had.

Congratulations on your well-deserved success


Thank you. We also called Marbas and Forneus, there are also other releases. I will post here.


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It is necessary to cut the palm diagonally and when enough blood comes out, apply with one touch to the images so that it gets into all the recesses of the engraving. When applying, it is necessary to pronounce, vibrating:

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After the consecration, the product should be fumigated for 7 days with Martian incense, by burning “Dragon Blood” resin on coals for 10 minutes. At this time, it is important to meditate on the product, visualizing pictures of war and carnage.


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