My first time working with Lucifer

Hello BALG friends. Tonight, for the first time ever, I drew Lucifer’s sigil and hopefully activated it by blowing on it as I’ve learned here. I lit a black candle and recited his enn over and over.The strange thing is that I have been praying to him for the last month or so without the above ritual. Just prayers to him to thank him. In the last four weeks, I have a awesome new sex kitty, she is a great cook and my business has grown by 30% in four weeks. I thanked him and only asked to feel his presence. I have also been using NAP in which I am a true believer. Any tips to have Lucifer come visit. Pardon me if this is redundant.


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Thanks for sharing!

You asked me to PM you.

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Can you give more detail in how you contacted him?

Search this site on how to contact him. it’s what I did. Draw his sigil, blow three breaths on it. say his enn and ask him if he will help you.

I do this every night to thank him. I ask him for things diffidently, but I praise him with a new black candle on his sigil. It’s been working for over a month now.