My first time working with a demon ( love ritual)

Hello Everyone,

I was doing a meditation and I was so desperate so I decided to work with duke Sallos for getting my ex back ( I heard some news of him later)

What I do is simple offering him a huge red candle and a scent
Drawing his sigil on a piece of paper
I printed my ex picture and I wrote my intentions and I used my period blood on the picture . Then I folded it up with the sigil of duke sallos and put it inside a jar. Add some sugar, mint, cinnemon some essential oils and moon water

He told me to repeat the rituel for 3 times

He came to me later when was sleeping he talked in a language I could not understand clearly he touched me and I woke up it was 3;33 am

I will keep everyone noted but I heard some things about him his cousin talked to me saying he was still sour with me and he needed time.

So that is somethin so far.

I am open to advices…

Plus I have his signature and handwritten letter how can I use it ???



I remember you saying something about divination with Gabriel (if I am not mistaken).

Do a divination into this to see what next. Do you need to do more rituals or do you wait it out? How do you go from here?

Something within those lines.

No I had divination with him but this subject is different I had to work with a strong entity for love issues

There is no problem on the choice of Spirit.

This is actually the point here.

You can get someone to do a reading for you or you can handle the reading yourself.

Well done .

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I picked a card to see if it is working I got the devil card.