My First Time Contacting A Spirit (Bune)

Hello everybody. I have been around for a little while, and I considered myself somewhat of an armchair occultists, as they call it. I’ve been a little hesitant to take those first baby steps into working with spirits and entities. I’ve been going through unrelenting financial hardship for over a year now, unable to pay for basic necessities half of the time, so things have gotten serious enough for me to finally try some magick out.

I decided I wanted to work with Marbas for healing (lots of childhood trauma) but I have postponed that for now, since having more money is imperative right now. I wanted to work with Clauneck, but although he delivers he tends to shake things up it seems, and I don’t want extra issues to deal with at the moment. Then I considered Sandalphon or Barakiel… Eventually I picked Bune. I read almost everything written about bune on this forum, and it is almost entirely positive, I also did research on google too.

Since I am down to pocket change all I used was a sigil, a wine glass of rum, an orange scented candle, two little blue candles, and the Bune card from the Lucifer’s Tarot deck. Anyway, I got up in the morning, showered, got dressed in my dress clothes (Dress shirt, tie, slacks) and knelt in front of the low table i’d set up the makeshift altar on. I drew Bune’s sigil on white paper with a sharpie, then used the EA method for activating a sigil. I read Bune’s enn to myself three times, and the sigil immediately began fading in and out of view. I didn’t quite sense anything in the room with me but I thanked Bune for coming and listening to what I had to say. I mentioned that I needed a few thousand (around five thousand) to help get out of my debts and to be able to finally recover financially, being able to pay for basic necessities as well as a few magickal supplies. I also asked that should they decide to help me that no harm come to me, anyone or anything. I also mentioned that the rum was all I had as far as an offering goes, but that I would love to be able to offer more in the future.

I still didn’t sense anything around me, but the air felt very very still and more empty than usual if that makes sense? I then preceeded to ask a few questions and received replies in my mind’s voice. I believe they were Bune’s words however. I asked the questions and wrote down the replies as I got them.
1.What can I do to bring more stability to myself?

  • By focusing on your strengths and turning that into a career path.
    2.Which divination type am I best suited for?
    -Tarot, You are gifted with the tarot. You see things that others do not.
  1. Will I ever be able to hear you audibly?
  • In time, yes. As with all things it takes practice. In time you will be able to hear all of us.
    4.What messages do you have for me?
    -You are strong, stronger than you think. You are powerful and will achieve amazing things in this lifetime. Do not doubt yourself, do not fear death, and do not let others hold sway over you. You are on the beginning of a marvelous path.
    5.What offerings do you like or enjoy?
    -Oranges, lemons, honey, cherry lollipops, strawberry wine, moscato.

At this point I went ahead and said that I was pretty much done, thanked bune again for hearing me out, and formally ended the session. I was then thinking to myself about Bune and the color orange, and I thought I wonder if Bune would like orange roses on the altar next time? And then another thought popped up in my head as if to reply and said Orange roses would be lovely, thank you.

What do you guys make of all of this? Did I do this right? I feel like I didn’t spend enough time getting into a deep enough trance state, and the offering was just sub-par. I feel kind of bad about that, but I have faith still.

I lastly tried to sense what Bune looked like, I saw in my mind a smiling woman, she was curvy with a very nice body, long-ish dark brown hair that came down over her breasts. She wore a long dark grayish black dress that reached the floor. It was V-cut in the front with some cleavage showing, and it was sleeveless. Also she had on long black velvet gloves. That’s just what I came up with. She was smiling, maybe even smirking…

I will update this post when there are future developments.


I would say you were quite successful in contacting Bune. Congratulations!

Don’t worry about the quality of offering. it isn’t the actual items that matter, but the intention behind them. Something truly given with your heart is always more potent than something that is just physical so don’t feel bad about not giving anything expensive. Most spirits understand. All that really matters is that you were sincere in your giving.


Thank you so much for your words, they are a relief to hear. I’m still getting the hang of evocation, and your insights really help. :sweat_smile:


Sounds great may I ask have you done any banishing or LBRP before? Do you have good astral senses? How did you see Bune in a dream or in your minds eye during a ritual?

My astral senses are probably underdeveloped. I saw the image in my minds eye