My first ritual with an angel : Raphael

So NOT a big fan of angels first off but i woke up at about 4 am and had raphael on my mind the whole time and was thinking of dante abiel in the book of azazel when he calls on raphael to cure him of any “physical infirmities” so i got into tgs and called out to raphael i did the mudras that e.a speaks of in the evocation program where you have one hand as horns and the other hand like spock but point it at the area you want the spirit to manifest. Simple adaptation right? Well i have very little space no privacy and always get woken up by spirits this time of night.

Moving on…

So i called out to raphael using the mudras and the words of power to initiate spiritual pacts to raphael i immediately see in my inner vision a being that looks similar to a formless mannequin of light if you can picture that basically a human form without defining features. So i call out to raphael to "remove any spiritual infirmities spells or curses im unasare of that are hindering my progress to godhood,also any uneccesary lingering psychic energy surrounding me. "

Here is what happened.
My sacral chakra and heart chakra had a feeling of lightness to them it is noteworthy i have developed a rash around these specific areas of my body for no reason.
Besides the lightness a feeling of peace and freedom came over me like all my worry and mental anguish had disappeared.