My first pact with King Belial

I just wrapped up my first pact and of course it was with the big guy Belial. What an experience to say the least. He came in the form of a typical gargoyle type of body. His horns were extremely clear in the smoke this time. As I have been having many full form evocations, Belial has never trulyyyy put himself out there in front of me until about 1 hour ago. He formed perfectly in the resin smoke standing at least 7 feet tall. Luckily I have vaulted ceilings.

Normally when I speak to entities I must concentrate to hear the words properly… however as I learned from EA at his bootcamp, eventually you do not want to communicate with words but rather be able to receive massive amounts of information input directly into your mind. And this time after signing the pact, Belial injected (the best word I can think of) massiveeee amounts of information about the infernal, where they dwell, their plans (im sure just a thin layer of the cake), clear cur visuals of their home, and knowledge that is beyond what I ever imagined. Fucking incredible! I mean… 15 seconds and I knew so much I cannot explain how it feels.

Anyway, my pact is personal, but I would choose no one other then the king who has given me my new home, temple, money, and massive magickal ability. Hes been there for me in ways that I truly show immense gratitude for. Big B always comes through. My pact was long and took about 2 hours to negotiate, but well worth it. Blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh. This was a top experience that I will never forget.


I lied. Today it feels like a dream and can hardly recall most of what I learned. Ahhhh!!!


Next time tell Belial to make your communications and learning unforgettable so you can actually use them.


Well, you could always write stuff down somewhere, even if you don’t want to write it down publicly, you could write it in a journal or something. Seriously, that is why the whole journals thing was invented, because your not going to recall everything.


Hey @serpens_album thank you for sharing this bro!, as my work with King Belial and the Gatekeepers began only days ago when i received the “without a master” compendium…
Ive been dedicated to the left hand path or 2 years now and am familiar if not close with Belial, but even have noticed a change i. Hisinteraction with me ALREADY.

Im incredibly excited after reading your post , not that i had any doubts , my history with Big B is good, i guess i like to validate my goals hrou other tales of experience as well. Than k you!-

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