My first offering to Loki!

(sorry if this is in the wrong spot/category im still new to this forum)
Hi. I’m still new to magick but I feel very attached to Loki. My friends and I tried doing a tarot spread to find who my possible p/matron could be (ofc I’ll do more research and training) and for the deity spot, I managed to pull both instruction cards twice in a row (before getting queen of wands…) so we think im meant to work with a trickster :sweat_smile:
Anyways. I looked into what he likes and came up with this :]

I’m burning cinnamon incense and a dragons blood cone as well as a regular red candle. I put green red black and gold stones near it as well as some clear quartz. I said a prayer to him. The peanut butter cups were sort of an after though because I hear he likes sweet things, so I’d thought I’d share :sweat_smile:
Is there anyway to tell if a deity likes my offerings? Is there any way I can improve upon this?
ty ^___^

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Hi ! I was about to pass by but something asked me to answer. So here i am :smiley:
It feels to me that the two instruction cards means mostly that you will have to be very careful within your practice about the “rules of this art”, more than a sign that it is a trickster. It’s a powerful message and a very clear warning.

From what i get, the cinammon incense is much appreciated but the dragon blood isn’t the more appropriate. He doesn’t like it that much. He likes sweet stuff indeed, you can find much better than peanut butter though.
He appreciated the efforts, you got most of the vibes right but you can make it more personnal to him !

Good job though :slight_smile:

thank you!! ill definitely take your advice… epic user btw :]

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You may like tricksters, but don’t pay any attention to people who claim to speak for a deity/entity, especially if they shit on you for offering what you have on hand.
There is no official Nordic proclamation of what to offer to the Aesir. The Norse were a practical people, and would have offered what they had on hand as well, things they enjoyed and gave out out of sincerity and respect.
Ask many Lokeans what they give and you might get a variety of ideas, but I have seen dragon’s blood suggested before and no one has a problem with it.
I think you did just fine, and can continue to fine tune it as you go along. This is your personal journey, and no one else’s.


I definitely feel drawn to Loki as well. I actually picked up this book that recently came out that has some good information on him. Not to mention some rituals/devotions to him. I’d recommend checking it out.

Just be aware that author mixes history and UPG.
I recommend the following:

  • “The Trickster and the Thundergod” by Maria Kvilhaug
  • “Loki” by Andrews Scott and Charles River Editors
  • a four-part article by Kveldulf Gundarsson in “Idunna” magazine issues 93-96 (available through
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