My First Norse Deity: Loki

What’s up fam? I was meditating last night and I had the idea to evoke Loki, so I did. At first I felt a powerful, almost malevolent energy. But when he started talking, it changed to a VERY playful energy and vibe. Here is what he told me.

Loki: Always remember to have fun when working on magic. Ascent is hard work, but it should be playful work. Have some fun…you take Ascent way too seriously. Using humor will help destroy blockages you have. I am with you, always available if you need something. I am only a call away.

That was the end of our conversation. After that, I went into a intense contemplation on him and got thoughts such as:

Loki inspires quotes like:
Work hard, play harder!

Creativity is the spark of Genius.

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong


After the evocation, I meditated again. I went into trance SO FUCKING HARD! I didn’t even go to sleep lol although it felt like it. I was at the Crossroads for what felt like 2 minutes. Only to suddenly snap out of it and realize I was there for TWO HOURS :joy:

I feel so rejuvenated Cause I know I don’t sleep that good at night. Hail Loki!


As far as I can tell, most Deities with the “trickster” label usually do it for the LOLZ, with the added purpose of reminding people not to be so serious :slight_smile: life is better this way!


Nice! Bes has mentioned that too, laughter also does a whole other load of magical stuff as well :slight_smile:


Laughter is a powerful banishing ritual as well, it counters curses and clears the flow of energies.


Yeah i read that somewhere, probably on this forum


Thanks for reading! I’ve read some of your posts and you seem really skilled. I want to ask

do you have any advice for vibrating different Godnames (Sat Nam, Algol, Binah, my own name, etc)? I read your post on using languages as tools of magic and I get it, but how do I actually get the effect (energy)? Do I speak it, sing it, hold a single note for eight seconds lol?

I hope my question makes sense


So, I’m sure that you know how to vibrate a word. It’s difficult to explain with typing. My advice is to make sure each syllable lasts as long as your breath does, and as your vibrating it make sure you’re feeling your energetic body to feel what is happening as you vibrate these words.

Basically, the language idea also worked by creating a third party temporary servitor whose name encompassed my intent. And so, the energy is in the name and this extra entity you have made to access an aspect of yourself. The effect will come, like any ritual, as time goes on and the seeds of your witchcraft move the universal will into your will.


Awesome man, thanks!
That gave me an idea to create a Sat Nam servitor lol
Cloning the Creator :joy:


There is only one creator: you.


So we use Sat Nam as a container for all the power we have not owned yet? I feel an epiphany approaching


Yes, that’s my belief about the nature of spirits. I don’t believe they exist and independent consciousness. Ares, Satan, Raphael, Lilith, what have you, only exist in so far as I have manifested them to access parts of myself that I do not have personal access to yet. Each person is the creator of their own universe, and so they have manifested their own entities. We all use the same name to talk about an entity, but your Raphael and my Raphael are not the same thing. They are fragments of our own collective consciousness created to manifest our untapped abilities.


I see… Makes sense

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This is why many people have different views and opinions of entities and why we the concept of UPG exists at all. If indeed we were all contacting and evoking independent consciousness who have distinct realities, then it would make sense that we would all have the same information about these entities and we would clearly be able to tell who was right and wrong. But, that is not the case.


I always wondered where that argument came from… Now my question is answered!


Bro I can tell just by the energy of your writing you’ve changed… In a good way. I don’t mean to come off like I just know you that well lol @ashtkerr

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When people start having a uniform understanding of the characteristics of all entities. Then I’ll believe that their independent consciousness with their own reality, but as long as UPG is a thing, it’s not tenable to believe that they are individual consciousness. Unless you are actually proud enough that you are the only right one and everyone else is hopelessly false.


Ashton and I use slightly different concepts, but my own magickal mental model is pretty close to that.

I view the spirits as Masks that the Living Power or Consciousness flows into and animates for us. My own UPG has guided me to seeing it all as the Abyss, that Sea of Unlimited Potential, temporarily limiting itself to communicate with us. And I feel that we’re also a temporary emanation of the Abyss.

So yeah … same concept. Different terms.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of my time just trying to figure out how to say this shit to myself in a way that I can finally wrap my human brain around it. lol


Yes, I would absolutely agree with that. Same concept, different terms. And if I have Valkarath on my side that’s mean I must be on the right track.


I have no doubt that you’ve interacted with them, I’m not saying they don’t exist. I’m saying that they don’t exist outside of your interaction with them. Your consciousness, as source, created the entities you encounter to access parts of your own self, that is, source, that you can’t personally access yet. They don’t exist outside of your reality. You said in a previous post that you’ve met entities that were older than Michael, Gabriel, Samael, and Raphael, and yet, when I was working with Raphael to learn healing abilities, I asked him how old he was and he told me he “always was”.

So, if you are right and these are individual consciousness, then one of us is factually wrong. However, if I am right and these are manifestations of our own consciousness (as source) then we’re both correct.

I’m not so proud as to believe that I am correct to the error of everyone else, but neither do I doubt my experiences. Nor do I doubt yours, I just question your understanding of your own reality and what it means for reality. Because, either you are actually the only person who has accurately communicated with those 100s of entities and everyone else is wrong, or there is something else going on.


people live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion

  • Itachi Uchiha.

How would we know there’s a one set truth? So far, all there is that I’ve seen are opinions. This reality for all we know, could be a lie. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?