My First Letter of Intent - Addressing Astraroth

I am a new witch, as previously stated, but have had my own unexplained experiences. One of these experiences lead me into contacting Astraroth, in hopes of gaining clarity on some things.
BackStory: My first ever vision was when I was 15. I was with a friend in my bedroom when I was slammed into my bed and forced into the astral realm. There i was staring down at myself. There were marble pillars all around in a circle, and the floor was also marble but covered in a thick fog. I was in the center but I was folded and opened up to make a great fountain, like a twisted sculpture. And from me flowed with blood. Suddenly though, I wasn’t alone. A red and white skinned woman with talons for feet and three fingers on each hand appeared. She had dark feathered wings protruding from her back and the deepest red (almost back) eyes. As she moved the fog moved to avoid her and she reached into my fountain bowl and seized my beating heart. Through much pain, I was thrusted to see myself below the bloody waters and to see her face grinning at me with her fist around my heart. I awoke in the real world with my chest hurting and my friend wondering what happened.
After years of searching, I finally concluded that the being in my vision closely looked like that to depictions of Ishtar. And being I have never invoked anything traditionally decided the best course of action was to do a tarot reading asking if I should make contact. I got the Knight of Cups. Which I took as a yes, and a bit of an invitation as well. So, I decided to start slow, and write a letter of intent. Basically asking to have a relationship as friends and possibly to learn some things on the way. Thinking back it was rather vague. (Hoping that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass) But as i was burning the letter something strange happened. It went up in flames by barely touching the candle. It was so fast I barely had time to let go! On the way it burned my thumb, and I’d only notice later that it clipped and burned off a piece of the thumbnail. And as the flames went higher, I exclaimed that the fire had to be put out and just as quickly as the fire came, POOF! it was gone. nothing but ash. Then came the strong smell of alcohol in my room, a cold chill from the west side of the room, and the flickering of lights. Does this mean its worked?

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