My first invocation of king paimon

Ok well i did my very first invocation of king paimon and i had great success. I can not divulge the details of it yet for i was told this is not the time to do so but i can and will say I’ve been throughly changed for the better. It has been two days since i did my invocation and my ears are still ringing and i still feel his hands upon my shoulders.
All the research i did and reading i done did not prepare me for the experince i had. I changed so much since then my wife has seen the difference and has started asking questions and reading about our great king Paimon. I see the future with eyes wide open and looking forward to the next second of the next day because i know great things are to come.
Thank you for the help and direction all of you give becaucse it is truly more precious than gold.


Thanks for sharing!

Great ! What made me reply here was he took my shoulders too just like yours. It was a supportive and strong gesture and almost like a ‘blessing’ . Cool! It went well. Did you feel the breezes as he came to you? like a cool yet balmy desert feel ?

Yes there was a breezes and i began sweating as if i was in the desert.

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