My first great experience with lucifer

Hello community, I wanted to share my experience with Father Lucifer.

First of all, if I have bad spelling, I apologize, it is because English is not my main language, please forgive me.

I am new to all this and I am learning little by little, I have already tried to communicate with Lucifer or feel his energy but it was difficult for me although he always gives me some sign. A week ago I read well about the tastes of Lucifer, I wanted to try the litany and also the dragon blood incense that he shared in his post @C.Kendall

I began to prepare an altar with lavender and dragon’s blood incense, roses, wine, apple, orange, black and red candle. Also its traditional stealth.

I’m honest, I really thought that the result wasn’t going to change much from previous attempts, but I was wrong.

When I was trying to meditate by chanting his Enn with everything lit except the dragon blood incense there was some change in the atmosphere but when I started lighting the dragon incense and saying his litany out loud several times, that’s when I felt my body start to vibrate and a very warm atmosphere in my dark room where only the candles were lit, I don’t know how to say it because I couldn’t see it but I felt like it was there near me and they listened to me.

I felt very happy with the candle, I don’t know why, but the flame was high and the wick split into 3 with 3 flames. I was surprised that I also tried using the meditation provided by @C.Kendall . But it was difficult for me because I’m not used to it but I felt that it helps a lot (I’m going to practice more :sweat_smile:).

Curious fact:

When I was meditating, when all this happened to me, the sigil of Asmodeus in red or in flames came to mind. I don’t remember it well. It was hard to see it in my mind, but I remembered that name and when I Googled it, it was the same sigil in my head. .

Could it have been a sign from Lucifer to work with Asmodeus? I really don’t know what it is and I have doubts, if anyone knows it would help me a lot.

At the offering, talking to him because I felt he was listening to me, I asked him for help in the future to be able to work with Bune and Belial for work and money issues, and I saw no relationship between these requests with Asmodeus and those issues mentioned. So I don’t know what it could be.

First of all, I am very grateful to @C.Kendall for her shared knowledge and the forum that is very useful to me in my learning.

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Wow if you get a clear sign like that then I’d say yes.

Also up to what you want to accomplish of course.

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