My first Experience with Lucifer

So, I had my first Experience with Lucifer just moments ago
Someone on this form did an invocation of him and told him to send me his energy and damn it was like a fire. I couldn’t really make out what he was trying to tell me, I’m still not the best at making out spirit voices and my own thoughts. I know it was something about trusting myself.
I need to work more on it but damn I still haven’t come down from it yet.


Congrats!! The first time summoming Lucifer will always leave you with a great impression. His energy is intense but you’ll probably get used to it soon if you summon him often.

I wish you good luck!


I know what you mean about trusting yourself and your own thoughts. My mind was always going non-stop and after meditating and focusing on not-thinking, I rarely ‘think’ in my head anymore. If I verbalize a thought in my head I often get a thought that I shouldn’t. Because verbalizing thoughts is about projecting an idea outward, and obviously the more ‘quiet’ you keep your head, the more focus and energy is behind your thoughts.

I have difficulty trusting my intuition about things I want, and the tarot cards for some reason seem to show me what I want to see instead of what’s true, but I know you have to start trusting yourself even when it seems like you’re wrong cause when you start practicing trust that’s how your intuition starts to get more authentic.


It’s okay to doupt yourself at first. I’ve been there and it’s completely normal. However, remember that you are a powerful being and you shape reality even with doupt.

Don’t question your power, you just need to accept it.


pls help me …I have 2 candles,Lord lucifer’s sigil,coal and i don’t have incense…Can he come inside my mind when i call him??..Can he come just by lighting candles,burning coals and repeating his name??Pls is somebody familiar to lucifer pls send me his energy and sign of presence so that i can evoke him when nobody is in my room and talk with him…My life is going horrible these days…pls somebody make a connection between me and lord lucifer…My english is not so good…Thank you guys…


@Aaron47_lucifer Just take it easy!
First, you don’t need any tools to summon a spirit. So candles alone, are enough. Lucifer is also a beginner friendly spirit, so it’s okay to call him.

So, search the forum for ways to summon spirits and try it.

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Should I repeat his enn over and over again or just call him by his name??


Any of these two, is okay!

Thanks man😄


I’m using automatic writing method because I always get confused between my voice and the spirit voice

Wow, I wish I can experience this soon : )