My first experience with Lord Lucifer

I just wanna share my impressions with Lucifer. Three months ago I tried to invoke him in the forest here i felt no one could disturb me. He was very gentle with me when i sensed his presence and touched me at the neck, toes and head. It was a very consuming and bizzare but good feeling. Something that you can’t describe in words if you don’t have the experience with it. Basically after that my life has changed in a very good way and if i say good i mean awesome. I tried evoking him 3 times a week and it felt nice every time. The touches of someone who is really caring for you. Not that I am fat but I wanted to change my eating habits because I have a fable with chocolate bars. Days went by and I no longer felt the urge to eat unhealthy like someone in my head told me it is not good for my health. I thank him every time when i think about him for changing my life. With him I can reach my goals and i am sure I can take any adventures that cross my path.


Thats a lovely story. I recently ran across this video I saw a few years back and it rings true in most regards. I have always seen Lucifer as the “real” god and so for me Lucifer is God Almighty himself and the spirits of the goetia are various aspects of him. Lucifer would be the light and as the light hits the prism it scatters into the multitude of colors.


Thanks for sharing!

I can totally relate to his touching. :sparkles: It sent a shiver down my spine when he did put his hand over my head. He is really amazing.
Thankyou for sharing. :heart:

That is a great story of your experience with Lucifer. I have had the crown of my head touched like a fluttering sensation. What I do get off him is a gentle, cool breeze on my face and hands which sometimes surrounds me. I can concure that Lucifer’s presence and energy is soothing and beautiful. Hail Lucifer!! :metal: