My first experience with Gaap

Before I talk about Gaap, let me explain the context as to what led up to this.
I finally performed a ritual using the Goetia. The reason why I haven’t done it before was for multiple reasons;
First, I didn’t have the resources to perform a large ritual
Second, I wanted to do it by the safest means possible. That means I needed to be stable in mind as well as I needed the ritual to be under my full control.
Third, I didn’t think I’d need to go so far as Goetia to get a result in my life.
When I got my hands on the Goetia of Dr. Rudd, it was a huge eye opener to use the Shem Angels as a safety belt when performing. Since then I looked for one of the best resources to perform this method and found that nifty little book you all have probably heard about, Demons of Magick by G. Winterfield.
Anyways, once I had something I deeply desired and found the use of demonic force was needed, I decided to try Petitioning for Results. My objective was to undo a very powerful blessing that I gave to someone undeserving. He, after all, stabbed me in the back. This all happened at the beginning of June.
When choosing a demon to work with, I was going to use Raum since he seemed to fit to what I was looking for, but for whatever reason the name Gaap kept nudging into the back of my head. Now I didn’t know much about Gaap at the time, he wasn’t one of the demons I had interest in studying, but after reviewing the profile that the Demons Of Magick showed under Gaap I found that he was capable to do the job.
When I did the ritual, the feeling I had from it was so unbelievably natural. I said everything correctly, did everything correctly, and it was as easy as breathing to me. When it came time to present my demands, that was when I felt his presence. He was observing me from behind. The ritual didn’t need him to come in bodily form, nor did it need him to face me, but I didn’t realize until after the ritual that Gaap was a southern spirit and, due to the instructions I was given, I was facing north. I didn’t turn around to face him, since it both wasn’t what we seem to care for, I communicating and him observing, but I knew what he looked like. He was a tall man in a black robe. He had dark hair, bearded, and a stern completion that gave off the feeling of wisdom. The offering he wanted was one cigarette, and nothing more. It was interesting because I don’t smoke. After the ritual was over, I didn’t look more into what I experienced until a week ago when I wrote down what happened.
What was your experience with Gaap like? And how did he show up to you?


By chance, to contact the Duchess Bune I turned to mediums who, at an affordable price, provided me with all the material necessary for the evocation. These same mediums say they had a negative experience with Gaap. Yet on this forum I have read many positive experiences with Gaap and even with Andras which is read very poorly elsewhere. I’m noticing how many experiences with demons are truly subjective.
However, I wish you every success with Gaap as with other demons.

I am a native Italian speaker and I’m sorry if my English is difficult to understand.

I’ve worked with Gaap. He’s awesome. He doesn’t bullshit and works quickly. I requested that somebody lust after me and within a week this person contacted me. I saw him as a blob of sludge. His voice was low. He requested mud from me.

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@makkos maybe he wanted a mud bath to cleanse himself. =o) Or mud wraps like them ladies who gets it at the spa.

@Christopher_R It’s great that you do your studies/research before jumping in. Not many do and they get into heap of trouble without knowing. I too wanted to reverse blessing I did for someone as they are ungrateful. Somehow they benefit from it so their will/strength got stronger so it’s challenging to reverse the good you did. And this is life/death situation too so it’s more injustice toward me. I still put effort though.That’s the last thing i thought would happen but she ended up being fake even if she’s soulmate friend. They just aren’t ready to see good in people and involve with BS people who limits her eyesight of opportunity.

As for experience with gaap. I don’t know… I don’t get clear direct communication or images. I had a dream about him being a comic card with fire all around him and name gaap at bottom . So very clear. this is how i know to work with him. It was when i was searching for which demon to help me with this issue of ungrateful person and injustice they did. I wanted to astral project and he teaches that too. he’s one of the demon i always am mindful of now.

All I know is he requested mud and so I gathered some mud and played with it like I would Play-dough. He enjoyed it.

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Someone said Gaap asked for mud in another thread. was it you?

That was me, yes.

Thank you, and your English is perfectly fine. Perhaps even better than mine.
I do think the relationship one has with demons is very dependant on disposition. My relationship with Gaap is the same as working with a business partner or contractor. I have recently read somewhere, I can’t remember where, that Gaap does not work well with people who have made contact with Belith/Lilith. That will be something I’ll need to look into in the future.

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Must be the odd one out here. I used the same book as you for my petition, but i dont see any signs of progress at all. Then again, the petition was recent, and I would like to give him time.

Even though your experience was very different, that does sound a lot like Gaap. The thought of him came into my mind when I was walking around a pond in the park before the ritual. I remember it because it was raining that day.

Did you get what you wished for? Also, I tend to be careful with dreams. I had one disturbing dream that had me believing that it was about Furfur. If it was him or not, I don’t know, the whole experience was very out of character.

How recent was yours?

About as recent as it can get. Three days ago. Quite strange honestly, I could swear that over a week has passed, but oh well.
I had petitioned for two people to feel intense hatred towards each other, but if anything, the opposite seems to be happening at the moment. I guess I will wait and see what happens next.

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I have no feedback of my target as we are in no contact I know there is progress. I layer my spells and do it frequently. I make sure there is no room for failure, You can’t not have progress. I don’t mind slow suffering and torture. It’s just as good as any results. You can’t be specific and definitive in results deadline or how it’s done. As long as they suffer. i’m good with it. It can’t get any clearer than a comic card character with GAAP written as it’s name. That is one clue that can’t be misinterpreted to which demon to work with.

I haven’t done divination in awhile to get clues of my magick. I feel i don’t really need to know. I just know there’s progress.