My first experience into shadow work with Lucifer

Hello! Mars here, it’s been a minute, I got permission from Lucifer to share this experience that I had during a drive a few days ago. I’ve only just recently started working with him due to a confirmation from another practitioner that he and I have a very deep connection and that he feels very protective of me, which I can describe some recent dreams that I’ve had if you all want! Which I’ve honestly still been trying to come to terms with working with him and he does know that(I grew up in a aggressively religious cult until I was about 14 years old and have still religious parents. Like the whole fire and brimstone type of shit. So religious trauma does a lot of shit :crazy_face: but anyway.) I was already just feeling extra jumpy and like sick to my stomach like I just needed to escape, so I took a pendulum and I sat in my car and asked if he was angry.
The pendulum swang very strongly to yes, so I was already panicking not sure what was wrong, I heard this male voice pop in my head asking me what I was afraid of, and I just was deflecting which made him even more annoyed with me and he repeated the question Until I just started bawling in my car and was talking about how I’m afraid of how everyone perceives me, and how I put forth a mask, I mentioned a lot of very deeply personal things with my family sibling that abused me and how I’m not sure I really forgive them, and how I was angry with a lot of my family for not doing anything and that another one of my relatives was not who he was and is responsible for the abuse I got from my sibling. I brought up how I’m always hiding myself and that it’s a comfortable way for me, because I fear rejection. So after that whole meltdown that i had while in my car. I just felt this air of peace and this stroking on my neck and on my head, I just felt like a weight had just been lifted. Just it was very sweet and calming. Anyway I just thought I’d share this, because I honestly was not expecting the brutal honesty from him, I’m excited to see where we will go from here.


please do share, Id love to hear

im very glad to hear!

Thank you! He really does seem to try to have best interests at heart, cause even with my family moving to a whole other state my mental state has not been the greatest currently. But that’s a whole other can of worms :sweat_smile:

If there’s anything they think you should know, they will say it.
Shadow work is not something easy, it’s going to be difficult and it will take time.
In the end, it’s worth it because it’s important. Speaking of knowing Lucifer, there will be times that he can be harsh without comforting because you need to break down to rebuild yourself into a better you. Anyways, personally I think it’s good that you chose Lucifer to guide you in this since he is absolute balanced.

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I agree I know fully it won’t be all peachy keen with him and have heard he is quite brutally honest and I’m still very much a beginner at all of this.