My First Evocation

So for the past few days I have been performing evocations. One evocation in particular that I have been working on began when I called upon a spirit(or spirits) that might be with me right now. The reason for this was because I had a strange urge and feeling that something has latched or been around me for a while. After 3 days of evoking the spirit, it was confirmed that the spirit was a succubus. According to her what she has shown me in mental images that she has been with me for about 2-3 years. A little back story, in 2019 on the night after my high school graduation, I learned that my mother and step father were separating for the forth and final time. I was devastated, I was angry, I was angry that it happened again. To retaliate, I took to porn as a way of say love is not real and it was just an excuse for people to fuck hiding their true intents with soft wholesome words. I hated love and romance because it never existed in my life. Is it possible that this could have drawn an entity like the succubus to latch itself on to me or at least feed on me? And if so what do I do then because she is not harming me at all nor does she want to.

The succubus also showed me another spirit that is actual an inner demon or a shadow aspect of myself that represents my love for making music a live like a rock star. However, I gave it up because I became obsessed with the money and the fame and not the music. As a result, it became a shadow that follows me to this day.

Has anyone ever had a situation such as this where they discover they have a spirit with them without even knowing it?


Yeah, me. I have those jokers in droves…

In my life, they like feeding of the Sacral Chakra the most…

What worked for me is closing my Chakras by eating :pig: meat…

Keep me updated…

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Interesting. Why pork meat?

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Pork eats garbage, so it makes it very material, non spiritual being…

If you lock your 7 chakras like Fort Knox, make them materially blocked, you cannot be spiritually attacked

Makes sense?


Yeah thanks.

If that doesn’t help, then I sometimes put lard near my Sacral chakra, that’s the Nuclear option…

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If it is what it says it is (and not something feeding you a line), and it’s not causing any issues then I don’t see why there should be any problem.

Just be aware of and enforce your boundaries.

It would probably be a good idea to get confirmation about this spirit from another higher spirit. Think of it like a spiritual background check.

I would talk to this apparent succubus and try to build more rapport. She could act as a strong spirit ally to help you with your magic and teach or guide you. She could also be a protector.

I see this situation as a possible asset and beneficial myself.

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Would any higher spirit do or would it have to be a higher spirit that deals with succubi or does it even matter.

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The go-to as it were would be Lilith, or you could go with any of the other “succubus queens” such as Naamah (whoever you feel you’d be most comfortable with).

Otherwise, it really just needs to be a spirit with some authority or that you would/do trust.

I would ask said succubus herself who she answers to most readily, and then go from there (thereby working with her and showing respect and good faith, expecting the same in return)

You’re just looking for corroboration/confirmation.

Once you’ve established she is in fact a succubus, (story checks out). You should be good to go from there I would think.

At least, that’s how I’d go about it.


I tried water scrying, and a few things came into my mind: a succubus, Naamah, Lilith/Liliy, Succubui, Incubi, Vampires, Werewolves, and demons, I also heard the word Samhain which I believe is the origin of Halloween. I managed to get some information and apparently, I was being tricked by two lower entities that tried to gain servitude in exchange for “ascending to the highest power” I refused and asked them to leave. I also kept seeing a mental image of a succubus and two names Naamah and Lilith and sometimes Asmoday/Asmodeus. Is someone trying to get my attention?

So I tried to perform an Evocation to summon Naamah and unfortunately the only thing that ever came up was a mental image/thought form of a succubus like demon as well as many more that followed. It felt like I couldn’t see, nor hear, as if I was in the dark and I could only rely on my sense of touch but even then I felt nothing. I will admit, I felt discouraged because I began to wonder if there was something I did wrong or if Naamah may have not want to speak to me or I just could not sense it. But even though I was discouraged, I began to open up about my current situations about sex and lust because those were recurring issues for me.

So I did an evocation of Lilith because I would see hear name or a short version of it. I asked to feel her presence and she was there but Liliy was there too. Even though it was difficult to hear what Lilith was saying I could see her appearance as a beautiful woman with red hair and Liliy took the form of what some may think a demon succubus would look like. With the help of Lilith’s energy, I was beginning to see the truth. Liliy had a bigger hold on me than I thought. The feeling was like being surrounded by nothing but unfeeling darkness but you could hear and see the voices of nightmares. In the past, I used to feel very guilty about having just sexual feelings towards women mostly because I would hear stories from others as well as their opinions about sex and love which put me in a lot of pressure because I did not want to be part of the men that were deemed as creeps and pervs and losers. Even though I don’t act nor believe women are just for pleasure, I thought that just having sexual feelings was considered a “sin” because I became part of the problem in the conflict between the morality of genders. And I felt so guilty that I hid these feelings and denied I had them until they became an obsession which led to addiction(porn). The succubus that calls herself Liliy, represents this addiction. You could say she is my inner demon given a form and identity and if let go of my addiction, she dies with it or so I believe.