My first evocation

Hy guys so i just did my firs evocation the way ea showed us in the course … I evoked paralda and it was hot as hell in the ritual area is that normal ? I didnt see him in the scrying device only a hint of his form… But i still asked for his help and finished the ritual … But now i donk know what i need to do with his sigil ? I left it in my drawer… Thnx for the help guys


I usually burn it after the evocation

So i need to burn the sigil ?

You only need to burn the sigil if you are not going to call the spirit again. I assume you are following the evocation course and asked Paralda to open your senses? I would keep the sigil and call him again after a few days to a week and update him on any experiences you may or may not have. He may have advice on how to work your senses further. I know EA only tells you to call him once in the course but i would do it a few times as practice makes perfect.

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i tend to keep the sigil just for my notes

i think im going to try that.
i plan to pick up the course when i have funds.