My first evocation with Duke Sallos- eager to know if I've done it correctly


I’ve been a lurker on here for quite some time, and I have been keen on evocation.

Now, I do not know if he heeded my call, but I drew out his sigil and chanted before reciting his Enn.

As I focused on his sigil, it became blurry- then turned ‘3d’, then lines started disappearing and reappearing. I have high hopes that I correctly charged my sigil.

After the flash, I chanted Duke Sallos’ name until I felt a change. I don’t know how to explain it, but things just felt different. The candle didn’t dance around, the air didn’t change, but I did feel something.

I asked our grand Duke assistance with love. Right now I am temporarily living with a man who I love with everything I have. I have dreamed and wished for over a year that in the end, he and I would be together. He has admitted to fancying me, has stated that we are more compatible now, and we do make love quite often. I have dishonestly peeked at his mobile, and he is communicating in a flirty manner with a girl in the last week.

I have asked Duke Sallos to move things to my favor, to open his heart and eyes to only me. I have been secretly planning on moving in permanently, so I told him the quickest he can manage, I am ready for it. This is the first night.

Please grant me your luck and good wishes. After I bid our Duke farewell, I could not stop smiling. I feel a very strong sense of positivity and happiness, like nothing could go wrong. I do hope its our Duke already at work.

Thanks so much for reading.


You got pretty good results but why did you withdraw your posts?