My first evocation of Raum questions

I summoned Raum for the first time 2 weeks ago to destroy the dignities and the ability of an enemy to function in his life.

I am not new to evocations, but this is the first time I smelled burning hair / sulfur during a ritual.

Is this usual for Raum and how long would results begin with this Demon?


did you used Gordon winterfield method?
Its been two weeks since then, how’s your target doing?


I used my own method with his Sigil, Enn and offerings / candle colour he likes. I performed the ritual in one of his strongest times ,which was early October.

Very different feeling to Belial and others I work with. Very strong burning hair odour and change of environment.

I do not see the target anymore, but I see that people seem to be getting angry at them for their behaviours


Thanks for the info, i my self have some dirty job and look for Raum. This thread have convince me to evoke him

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I think you should. I liked his energy and it is very hard to describe. I offered him a Silver box with jewels in as an offering and Dragons blood.

I have a feeling this working will unfold over 6 months to a year as it was quite complex


A month on from my working and it is having some powerful,but strange effects…

The enemy is weaker. instead of trying to harm me like usual he has developed an emotional neediness to me. I also keep dreaming of him saying he loves me which is awful…

All the rest is going to plan though