My first evocation of King Paimon

I sat in front of a candle surrounded by crystals with His sigil in my hands meditating on it and chanting his enn. I had an offering of green tea that I said was for Him and I had black cherry incense burning. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was how the incense smoke was swirling around and traveling and there was no wind or anything. I had also at some point said I wanted to learn from Him and to become a better magician and told Him of my current situation of my friends creating drama before ending the ritual at some point. A few days later the drama stopped and everyone was nice to each other. I believe King Paimon helped me. Also the tv has been acting weird like changing channels and turning off on its own and that has never happened before I summoned King Paimon. What do you guys think? Does this mean He is willing to work with me?


Willing to work with you?

You did a fantastic job and clearly respected him. You even capitalized the ‘H’ in him in your post. Respect goes a long way.

In turn, he provided results and on top of that you have some potential residual paranormal activity, which seems to always happen for me anyways.

I would say you have your answer.

Excellent work. Congratulations.