My first call with Andromalius

Hello guys, let me share my experience with you.
I have 4 weeks making a ritual with Lucifuge, which is intended for 6 weeks, every week apart from calling Lucifuge calls a demon that you would not have called before, last night was the turn of Andromalius.
I want to emphasize that I still work in the development of my senses and knowledge.
Well, the point is that Andromalius, last night that I called him my candle was with a strong but quiet flame, after a few minutes I gave him a drop of blood as a sign of seriousness to work with him.
When the drop of blood touched the Sigil and I finished thinking or saying in a low voice why I was giving him that blood I heard steps behind me, and I heard something that I didn’t understand (something to mention is that I had plugs in my ears to prevent external noise from my children from distracting me).
Well, the sound to listen was something soft but undecipherable. It was like when you do the shhhh noise for keeping silence, and put your finger over your mouth. :shushing_face: shhhhh.
I will not lie, I have read that Andromalius arrives with a snake, but I cannot assure that it was so, and I do not remember feeling discomfort in my stomach. Well, the emotion startled me, but I managed to calm the emotion and I asked for confirmation.
I told you that the flame of the candle was calm, but at this time it started to dance very clear and different from other occasions. This time the dance was like the movement of a snake.
Then I felt a lot of joy, because although I couldn’t see him or listen to him, I knowed that it really was Adromalius.
I hope I can tell you soon if he helped me with the request I asked.
Another strange thing that happened, is that I had a dream that I do not understand and I do not know if it was just a simple dream or it has a message.
Well, I dreamed a person I know, I saw her with a baby, I saw two men, one dark and one white. The first person I mentioned is my brother in law’s wife. My brother in law is thin and brunette test. My husband is more white than if brother, but I must clarify that they were not them the men in the dream.
OK, in the dream my brother-in-law’s wife had a baby with her, that baby was afraid of the water, he cried a lot, and the clear-skinned man approached me looking for me, the woman and the baby too.
That man and I was looking for the baby to lose the fear of water, I know there is more in the dream, but I do not remember anymore.

If someone can guide me to understand all this, or if you can tell me if you think I really made contact with Andromalius and is not all this product of my imagination?


If I am not wrong
Have you got this ritual from vk jehannum website

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Yes it is.

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