My Favourite Demonic Chant

This chant was given to me by Lucifer I have used it for a few years now I have his permission to share it.

I use just before any rite I perform and after the rite is finished. The purpose of this incantation is to call all the powers of the infernal empire to aid in the manifestation or target of the ritual.

It fills you with pure infernal power, it also fills the temple with it, once you recite after the ritual the shockwave of power pushes your Magick into the world full force in order to get better results.

Al’Taltu Kamana Itz O’Belz Kalu.

I had to go through workings with the nine Demonic kings, Lucifer and the gatekeepers just in order to obtain this.

I and the infernal empire now pass this gift on to you.



Reminds me of tapping into Tibetan fire breathing. I’ll have to look into this.

What does it mean?

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Like demonic tongues they don’t normally have what we call meaning.

The incantation acts as vibrations of sound, which form vibrational symbols.

Activating currents and streams of demonic power.


How many times do you repeat before and after?

I was taught one for Lucifer by Indigo Priestess.
Opens the gate to Lucifer instantly.
Though I have no experience with it.
One day I’ll give it a go.


@C.Kendall Did you use this incantation when you worked with the angels or is not it a good idea use??

This incantation is beautiful, i wonder if it is related with the Earth Godess Tailtiu and materialization


Thanks for sharing this with us.

And, whom are these 9 Demonic kings you speak of? I’m rather new to this. Thanks for your help.

what Is the number of times you should say this before doing a ritual?

Thank you once again with lots of love and respect, I get this gift in 2022, is this amazing really?