My favorite how-to guides on soul travel. Try them if you have issues

Do you know why this sub forum isn’t very active? It’s because most people can’t astral project! If they could, this part of the forum would be extremely active.

I found over about 9 years of attempts that none of the classical methods of “astral projection” worked for me. The only out of body experiences I’ve had have been drug induced, and they were not at all controllable. I’ve tried nightly for months on end to leave my body, following all the typical advice from folk like Robert Bruce. Even EA’s methods do not work for me. I find it kind of funny, because energy work is by far my strongest area, and I’ve had full awareness of my energetic body since I was a child. I can enter a trance state almost instantaneously, and I long ago mastered every other prerequisite these authors suggest, but I simply cannot separate from my physical body.

Now, I am not saying these methods do not work! They do in fact work for many people. I think it may be psychological, but some of us need a wholly different method.

So, here’s a less talked about method of soul travel: it’s actually easy as hell, and you do NOT need to leave your body to experience it. This is method is termed visionary travel. If you are halfway decent at meditating and maintaining focus (bonus points if you can already scry), you can project your consciousness into your own mind and experience anything you would in an out of body experience using your mind as a gateway. It’s not unlike a daydream or imagining a scene in your head, except that the images are not coming from your mind.

The more you practice this the easier it gets. I think anyone could learn it in less than a month (assuming they have basic meditation down). At first things are unclear or hazy, but they solidify with practice. At first you may question the validity of such experiences. How do you know your subconscious isn’t just making it all up? Well, if you seek knowledge and explore these realms, you will eventually see things or be given information that you can validate afterwards - things you previously had no possible way of knowing. Once you’ve done that enough, you’ll begin to know what is placed by your own mind and what exists outside of it. At this point, you can construct an astral temple, or meet the entities you would evoke in their own domain. I rarely do evocation or physical ritual anymore for this reason - the exception is anchoring workings in Malkuth.

I’d like to point out that this has been the primary method of soul travel in most of western magic, until relatively recently. It was termed “traveling in the spirit vision” by the Golden Dawn, and was elaborated on by Dione Fortune, who heavily preferred the method. The practice has been pretty much unknown by most modern occultists, having been replaced by the much more difficult and no more useful practice of OBEs.

If you are interested in learning these methods I’d recommend two guides. One is this article by Aaron Leitch:

I think Aaron’s article alone contains enough info for pretty much anyone to acquire this ability.

For a more in-depth exploration of the topic, Josephine McCarthy’s entire magical paradigm is based on visionary magic, and her methods are detailed extremely well in her books, starting with “Magickal Knowledge I.”
[Edit] in addition, apparently the introductory material from her books is free on her site -

If you’ve continuously failed at soul travel using out of body methods, I urge you to give visionary travel a shot by following one of these two guides, or both. The ability to consciously access and explore other realms is, in my opinion, the single most important magical skill to have. It will amplify all of your workings many times over, and allow you to develop much more powerful and innovative rituals.

-Frater Cervus

[quote=“The Eye”]In the same vein and with more details you have this :[/quote]

At a glance, this appears to be an excellent guide. I dislike that the term scrying is used though, as if it were the same thing. They work via similar mechanisms, but scrying is an observational practice. You watch things unfold, but you don’t have a body you can move around the scene in. Visionary travel allows you to travel through the realms, just like an OBE, only with less of a disconnection from the physical.

This isn’t a big issue, but I do think that the term scrying should exclusively be used for actual scrying. In the G.’.D.’. they used the terms “Traveling in the spirit vision” and “scrying in the spirit vision.” The terms were not interchangeable. When Dee and Kelly developed the Enochian system, only classical scrying was involved, not visionary travel.

As Aaron Leitch says in the article I recommended - “It is perhaps needless to say that scrying is a practice very akin to astral projection. It involves opening the astral senses and expanding the consciousness beyond the physical body. However, it does not go so far as to project the center of consciousness away from the self. One does not participate in the vision, but simply watches it as an observer.”

[quote=“The Eye”]In the same vein and with more details you have this :[/quote]

That’s the Rosicrucian method! I went to a Rosicrucian open house this week, and we did that exact ceremony as a group. They even gave out pamphlets detailing it, should have grabbed one in retrospect.

It’s also very similar to shamanic waking dreaming, although that is usually accompanied by ritual drumming to induce a trance (which works much better than one might imagine).

While it’s a truly liberating and powerful thing to be able to do I disagree with the statement that actual projection does not add anything over this. The experiences are vastly different because the viewpoint one perceives through isn’t the same at all. With this method you explore the astral or dream worlds as a formless and almost pure consciousness being while an actual projection simulates the physical experience on the energetic level (placing you inside a vessel much like your physical body). One is not better than the other in my opinion as both have pro’s and cons, but the simulation of our daily experience under a more loose set of rules and the total immersion lucid dreaming or an OBE can provide are not to be dismissed so easily.

This thread is EXACTLY what Ive been needing. Thank you!

I believe this is what most of the Upanishads are about. Many tales of people discovering an entire universe inside themselves, exploring that universe, and coming back with detailed, verifiable information.

Please elaborate on this as that is quite vague

Please elaborate on this as that is quite vague[/quote]

Read through one of the two guides I sent and do the basic exercises. I think you’ll quickly understand what I mean here. It’s honestly very easy.

Please elaborate on this as that is quite vague[/quote]

It’s worth noting you don’t need to buy Josephine’s book to start with her techniques. She has the introductory material available for free on her site -

Thanks for the posts fire looking forward to working through these when i finish some things :slight_smile: